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Drive Staff August 15, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

Lil’ Cooler

Getting airflow into tight spaces is a specialty of Maradyne. Its new 7-inch Champion low profile fan is a perfect fit for muscle car, race car and street rod engine compartments. The reversible S-blade-style single fan can be mounted as a pusher or puller of air that generates superior volume rated at 350-cubic feet per minute. This ultra quiet unit can be used to cool engine oil, transmission fluid or turbocharged air. The motor is completely sealed and dynamically balanced for reduced vibration. The fan comes with four 90-degree mounting feet, locking connectors and rubber spacers.

Maradyne High Performance Fans

900 hp out of the Box

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has released is new 900-hp crate engine ready for any ultimate street performance project.  This GM engine features a Kenne Bell supercharger that helps get the ponies with a highest level of reliability. The engine is ready to run fitted with a forged crankshaft, pistons and rods. It features GM LS9 heads with Lingenfelter’s proprietary CNC porting for optimum airflow. The GT22 camshaft is specifically created for this application. If 900 horses is over the top, Lingenfelter also offers street-turning engines from a low as 500 hp.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Show and Shine

Looking perfect at any event or cruise night is part of showing pride in your ride. Griot’s Garage is known for offering the highest quality car care products. With the Travel Car Care Kit, you can take the best with you. The kit includes 8-ounce bottles of Spray-On Car Wash, Window Cleaner and Interior Cleaner. Also included are a micro fiber Spray-On Car Wash cloth, micro fiber glass-cleaning cloth and micro fiber interior cloth. Six staggered elastic straps hold the bottles in place and the zippered fishnet pouches provide see-through storage for all sorts of cleaning supplies. At only 14 inches in diameter, it is designed to fit inside a spare tire, yet it puffs out to more than 4 inches thick. Quality sewn from abrasion-resistant, water-resistant material with a zippered closure, the bag opens up flat for easy access to the inside. Carry straps make it easy to transport.

Griot’s Garage

KRC Cooling Fix for Power Steering and Auto Transmissions

Using the radiator principle and combining it with two innovative elements—internal micro fins and external serpentine fins—KRC has attained impressive heat dissipation.

By channeling the fluid through multiple internal micro fins located within four flat-sided oval extrusions, KRC succeeded in reducing fluid temperatures by 22°F. The temperature difference is measured between fluid entering the inlet port and exiting the outlet port. As the heat transfers through the micro fins and the extrusion walls, its dissipation is hastened when it reaches a dense maze of serpentine fins. Attached to the external surfaces by furnace brazing, the serpentine fins are themselves festooned with a multitude of tiny louvered fins.

At the rear of the cooler, a vertical plate runs its length with angled slots. Their objective is to create turbulence, which generates a negative pressure that disrupts the air flow, further improving cooling performance. Importantly, the cooler exhibits minimum flow restriction, hence a minimum pressure drop that further aids cooling performance.


World Products Merlin III Block With Added Deck Height

World Products’ American-made Merlin III cast iron big-block is now available with an extra .050 inch of deck height. This feature allows greater versatility in selecting connecting rods and in selecting pistons with additional compression height to keep the ring grooves and wrist pin bore isolated.

The new Merlin III variant is available with a 9.850- or 10.250-inch deck height. Cylinder bores are semi-finished at 4.595 inches, allowing for a finish hone to suit the specific pistons and ring packages chosen by the engine builder. Cylinders can be safely bored to 4.625 inches, and with minor clearance, the 9.850-inch deck Merlin can accept up to a 4.375-inch stroke crankshaft and the 10.250-inch deck can accept up to a 4.750-inch stroke. Nodular iron four-bolt main caps are used with ARP fasteners for maximum strength.

The Merlin III is cast from high strength iron alloy and precision machined on CNC machining centers for dimensional accuracy. World’s priority main oiling system delivers lubrication to the critical main bearings first for reliability at high rpm.

Head bolt holes are blind tapped and don’t go through into the water jackets. The valley has bosses machined for four extra head bolts to accommodate race heads that use this feature. The oil pan rails are machined to accept both stock pans and aftermarket race pans. World’s Merlin III big-block is an ideal choice for a wide range of performance engine configurations.

World Products

McLeod Racing Spun Aluminum SFI 6.1-approved Bell Housing for Chevy

Using a spun aluminum/CNC machining process, McLeod is able to produce an extremely accurate bell housing that is lightweight and compact. The SFI 6.1-approved bell housing weighs only 13.5 pounds and added protection is provided via a steel inner liner.

The bell housing is built with a narrow body. It accepts popular clutch and flywheel sizes but leaves plenty of tunnel room for tight builds. The upgraded race version includes a block plate for a small additional cost.

Another innovation is the interchangeable back plate. This allows the same bell housing to be used with different transmissions by simply changing the plate.

The McLeod 8533 street version and the 8530 race version fit 1955-85 Chevrolet V-8s and 1997-2014 LSx engines. Chrysler and Ford applications will also be available.


Nothin’ is Cooler Than Three “Deuces”

The world-famous Holley Tri-Power carburetor system is legendary in Chevrolet circles. It was factory equipment on the big-block L71 and L89 Corvettes.​ Holley has brought that look and performance to your small-block Chevy. With the Tri-Power system, you can cruise around economically on the 350-cfm center carb or unleash all 1,000 cfm at wide open throttle to have the best of both worlds. Systems include a dual plane medium rise 3×2 Weiand intake manifold, three Holley 2bbl carburetors (one 350-cfm center carb with electric choke and two 325-cfm outboard carbs) in either a dichromate or shiny finish, high quality steel fuel lines, progressive throttle linkage and reusable air filters with chrome housings.


Going Fast and on Course

Auto Meter is offering a new line of GPS speedometers built on its next generation gauge platforms. These units feature Auto Meter’s high-def LED backlighting for excellent visibility (and a very cool look). Like their existing counterparts, the LEDs require no interface with your vehicle aside from power and ground. Their ultra-fast, omnidirectional micro antenna is included for true plug-and-play functionality that never requires calibration. Configurable Rally-Nav display shows odometer, trip odometer, time/date, GPS coordinates, heading info, compass and peak speed recall, and also adds an exclusive 0-60 mph and inclinometer (pitch and roll) function. They are easy to use, accurate and feature packed.

Auto Meter

Auto Meter LCD Competition Race Dash

Designed specifically for the harshest environments, the carbon composite housing is IP65 sealed against water and dust intrusion and will easily withstand 20g of continuous vibration and 50g of shock. The 7-inch LCD panel ensures easy visibility under all circumstances with a retina level pixel density, unmatched brightness and an optically bonded lens for extreme glare suppression. The display layout is fully configurable to your individual specifications. The system will accommodate four programmable data bus channels (two CAN and two serial) in conjunction with a nearly limitless amount of discrete analog sensors and its integrated three-axis accelerometer. Data collection can occur at up to 1 kHz, and the internal memory allows for practically infinite recording time. User-definable warnings take advantage of super bright, multicolor LEDs placed around the perimeter of the chassis to alert the driver to critical onscreen information.

Auto Meter

Total Seal “Split” Ring Compressors

The unique two-piece design of the split ring compressors make them a must-have tool for engine builders working on Volkswagen, Porsche, Harley, aircraft and other engines where the cylinder is required to slide over the piston for assembly. They are precision machined from billet aluminum, then hard anodized for extreme durability and long life. They are laser etched with the part number and orientation for easy identification. Total Seal split ring compressors are available in any bore size.

Total Seal

Holley Hooker Blackheart Exhaust Solutions for 2011-14 Mustang GT

All Hooker Blackheart headers feature 3⁄8-inch, laser-cut header flanges for maximum strength and a perfect sealing surface. The long tube headers are available with 1 ¾- or 1 7⁄8-inch primaries and have long transition collectors featuring merge spears for increased exhaust velocity.

These exhaust systems use factory mounting points and can be used with either the OEM exhaust or Blackheart headers. The exhaust tips feature a polished 4-inch dual wall design with a laser-etched Hooker logo. The mufflers that are available with the axle-back exhaust and standard on the cat-back are also 304 stainless steel and feature a straight-through design to maximize performance gains. The axle-back exhaust is also available without mufflers for those who desire an even more aggressive sound.


Heads up out There

LS fans, here is a sure-fire formula to make big horsepower. Combine a big bore (4.100 inch and up) engine block with a pair of Trick Flow’s new GenX 260 LS7 aluminum cylinder heads and a decent camshaft, and you have serious power in a lightweight package.

Trick Flow improved on GM’s LS7 head design in several ways:

  • CNC competition ported runners with a premium high resolution surface finish, for all-out airflow and performance throughout the entire powerband.
  • Modular one-piece, billet aluminum rocker arm mounts that are removable when using shaft mount rocker arms.
  • More material added to the A356-T61 aluminum castings for increased rigidity and strength.
  • Through-deck coolant holes that fit all GM LS gasket and block combinations
  • Clearance for 3⁄8-inch pushrods.
  • Available six-bolt per cylinder clamping for GMPP LSX and other aftermarket blocks.

The heads work with all LS7-style intake manifolds. The heads maintain the factory intake and exhaust port locations, valve angles and valve locations to work with existing LS7-based pistons. Fully assembled cylinder heads include valves, valve springs, steel or titanium spring retainers, valve seals, and die-forged steel valve locks. Stock-style 1.8 ratio LS7 rocker arms with upgraded bearings are recommended for street use. Roller rocker arms are recommended for racing applications.

Trick Flow


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