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Spotlight on Podcast “Future Minitruckin” Podcast

Adam Johnson November 08, 2021 Uncategorized

This week we are highlighting the future of our scene with Dayton Cooper and his “Future Minitruckin Podcast” If this podcast isn’t on your radar, it should be now as one of the most listened to podcast in our scene. Here is the interview I had with Dayton Cooper.


ST: Tell us about you and your co-host if you have someone on the mic with you?


DC: I’m Dayton Cooper and I’m 14 and I’m the founder of future mini truckin podcast my co-host are Dakota, Cole, and Asa and I also have an editor named Paige. 



ST: Do you and your co-host have custom vehicles?


DC: I own a 93 Chevy OBS and a 93 Toyota pickup, Dakota owns a 1995 Nissan hard body, Asa owns 1994 Chevy OBS, Cole owns a 2001 S10 Xtreme.



ST: Give us the overview of your custom vehicles.


DC:  My Chevy obs is bagged on 22s lsx swapped it’s still a work in progress but should be killer once it’s done

My Toyota pickup is bagged and all rat rod style

Dakota’s Nissan hardbody has been repainted it has a roll pan 4 wheel drive fenders billet grill and inserts for the bumper he started working on it when COVID hit and finished it up that summer it has a system 3 power base 12s with a stock 2400 sx motor 

Asa’s obs is bagged and body dropped back-halfed tubbed on 24s shaved phantom grill project indy hood 

Cole’s S10 has 2/3 drop on 17s and 2 12s

 Give us an overview of the podcast.

 On the podcast we are all young mini truckers and we normally feature future mini truckers and people making a big impact in the scene.


ST: Give us an overview of the podcast.


DC: On the podcast we are all young mini truckers and we normally feature future mini truckers and people making a big impact in the scene.





ST: What platforms can we find your podcast?


DC: Anchor, Facebook, Spotify, and apple podcast.




ST: What is the frequency of your podcast?


DC: The frequency of the podcast is we try to post every Friday 



ST: What made you or your cohost start this podcast?


DC: We wanted to get more future mini truckers evolved with the scene 



ST: What were some of the struggles you had in the beginning?


DC: We struggled a lot on editing and finding future mini truckers to interview 



ST: What were some of the wins you had that you knew it was going to work?


DC: To start promoting as much as we could until it started to grow attention 



ST: I know you love all your podcast, but do you have a couple must listen to podcast?


DC: My must listen to podcast are Our Lifestyle the Podcast, OBS talk, Mini Truckin Cult, Lowest Common Denominator, and the Custom Scene



ST: Do you sell merchandise and at what point did you decide to try and sell merchandise?



DC: We don’t sell merchandise at the moment, but we are working on get some going by next year 


ST: Where can we buy this merchandise?




ST: What advise you would give to anyone wanting to start a podcast.


DC:  It’s going to be hard in the beginning but the more you continue the better and better you’re going to get it 



What do you think about the current and future state of the industry?


DC:  I think podcasts are doing better now than they ever have and I think they are going to continue spike 



ST: Thank you for the interview and do you have any last parting words for our readers?


DC: I just want to thank everyone that has helped us get to where we are now, I’m very thankful of the scene and all the support we have got






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