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Stay Legal without Compromising Performance with a MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter from Summit Racing Equipment

Motortopia Staff November 13, 2023 Press Release

If you experience sluggish acceleration, a ‘rotten egg’ or sulfur smell, or engine misfires, chances are good your catalytic converter has gone bad. A new MagnaFlow Universal or Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter will make those issues go away and keep your vehicle emissions-compliant. MagnaFlow 3D scans factory converters to create CAD models. They are used to validate fitment and features critical to proper converter function functionality and efficiency. MagnaFlow does five-gas emissions testing in-house to make sure each converter functions as designed.

Other features include:
• Proprietary catalyst coating process ensures precise calibration of platinum, palladium, and rhodium precious metals
• 16-gauge 409 stainless steel tubing provides OEM levels of strength and corrosion resistance
• 308 stainless steel MIG welds
• Mandrel bends allow for optimal exhaust flow to prevent heat from concentrating and creating weak points
• 410 stainless steel hangers match OEM specifications for proper fit
• 5-year/50,000-mile warranty

MagnaFlow Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters are engineered to bolt- or clamp-on with no cutting or welding required. MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converters are designed to be welded in place of the original equipment converter body and fit a wide array of vehicle applications. Professional installation is required.

MagnaFlow catalytic converters are available in several ‘grades’ based on EPA and/or CARB emissions regulations. This MagnaFlow link will help you select the right catalytic converter, but check your local laws before purchasing one. You can always talk with a Summit Racing rep to find the right converter for your vehicle.


Summit Racing Equipment

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