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Drive Staff October 24, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

Replace, Restore, Build—your Project Starts here.

This is our second annual SPS where we take a look at some cool products that will perhaps inspire you to complete or modify yet again your ride. Think of it as our way of helping you do a little automotive window shopping. We will squeeze in what we can here and continue in the next issue, as we have quite a lot to feature and nowhere near enough space. Stay tuned for August!

Edelbrock E-Force Enforcer Supercharger Systems

Made for small-block Chevys, these systems are a traditional positive displacement supercharger ideal for use in street rod and muscle car applications. They include a newly designed intake assembly with Eaton Gen VI 2300 TVS rotor assembly, manifold, drive pulleys, 10-rib serpentine belt, and all the necessary hardware. Complete systems are pre-assembled for an easy bolt-on installation. E-Force Supercharger systems are available with or without dual-carburetors and dual EFI throttle bodies. Available in natural satin aluminum, black powder coated or polished finish for a show quality classic look.

Performance Automatic

The PA99300 Transmission Overflow Tank is a polished aluminum canister that measures 8” x 3.5”, and weighs 1.36 pounds. It comes complete with an easy to operate drain valve, mounting hardware, clamps and rubber hose. Eliminate spraying AFT on the undercarriage of your car and dripping on your driveway.


These tie-downs feature a bright stainless steel eyebolt and a polished aluminum anchor. It fits all truck beds with a wood floor. The polished aluminum sockets are installed in the bed floor at points of your choosing and the stainless steel eyebolt threads into the aluminum socket, providing a sturdy connection for tie-down straps. The eyebolt is easily removed so the floor is smooth when the eyebolt is not needed.

Classic Industries

This chrome rear view mirror is for 1970-90 GM models. It provides excellent visibility from inside the vehicle, and adds a glistening custom touch that’s clearly visible behind the windshield. The day/night mirror features a 10-inch surface, chrome housing, and grey rubber cushion edge, as well as a satin silver arm support and universal button-style mount.

Wheel Vintiques

The NuRodder Series Smoothie wheel is designed for modern vehicles. NuRodder wheels feature appropriate sizing and offset to fit modern cars, including front-wheel-drive applications.

The Filling Station

New reproduction crank hole tunnel and cover now available for 1929-1930 Chevrolet passenger cars. This part is often missing from classic cars because of how easily they are removed and lost. The whole piece fits snuggly to the front of your radiator splash apron but is still easily removed so you can crank start at a moment’s notice.


These all new brake upgrade packages for the 1997-2013 C5/C6 Chevrolet Corvette feature Wilwood’s forged aluminum Aerolite radial mount calipers and 15.00” diameter Spec 37 alloy directional vane two-piece rotors. Six piston front calipers are available in gloss black, red, or Wilwood’s nickel based Quick-Silver plating matched with BP-20 compound metallic-composite Smart Pads. GT competition series rotors with face slots only or SRP drilled and slotted performance rotors deliver high-torque stopping power, optimized cooling efficiency, and high-tech styling for the street or track.


Downs Custom Performance Automotive

Downs presents an all-new reproduction 1970 Plymouth Cuda body. This piece is 100-percent hand-laid composite with steel reinforcement. It can be built in carbon, or race weight layup, and is made to accept OEM glass. Package includes: original or custom-style hood, dash, custom rear interior panels and full OEM glass package.

Spectre Performance

Spectre has developed a new Cold Air Intake for the 2014 Chevy SS V-8. This unit will improve intake airflow without affecting mixture. Best of all, this intake also fits the legendary 2008–2009 Pontiac G8.

Retro Manufacturing

The new RetroSound Hermosa Bluetooth radio for classic vehicles features built-in wireless connectivity for hands-free telephone calls plus wireless audio streaming from any smartphone. Hermosa is available in three versions to closely match the original factory radio in over 400 classic automobiles. It has a built-in 25 watts x 4 channel power amplifier.

EPAS Performance

EPAS has developed an electric power-steering unit to save your engine power from being siphoned off in order to run your power steering. It’s available for a variety of vehicles.


Reproduction fuel tanks for popular street rods and muscle cars. These tanks feature innovative baffling systems and internally mounted fuel pumps. They provide the same performance expected from modern vehicles and eliminates common fuel system issues like cavitation and vapor lock.


This classic “nine string” beauty pays homage to some of the classiest steering wheels of the 30s and 40s. With 3 spokes set in a wide “Y” pattern, it’s an accurate reflection of the original banjo wheels. Up-to-date features include the chrome plated steel frame and 15” diameter ABS rims with finger-grooved grips that are available in any combination of CON2R’s 15 standard colors. With an appropriate adapter, the 3-bolt mounting pattern allows nearly universal mounting of the wheel. Complete with a center blow horn button.


The Octane is available in 17″-26″ sizes and in 5 or 6 lug. The 10-spoke wheel with bolts provides the looks and performance you need for pro-touring, muscle cars or trucks. All bonspeed wheels are manufactured in America to exacting tolerances. Each model is machined from a billet forged center and welded to a spun outer rim. The company offers exclusive ColorForged powder coat finishes.

Classic Performance Products

The firewall brake booster units for 1965-70 Ford Trucks tuck to the firewall and include a firewall seal to prevent fumes from entering the truck cab. Kits include booster, 3/16” mounting brackets, linkage to connect to the pedal, firewall seal, and master cylinder. Disc/drum and disc/disc kits also include proportioning valve and bracket assembly.

Mr. Gasket

A complete line of high quality Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) Head Gaskets for a wide range of domestic engines. These gaskets provide improved protection for high-compression, turbo and supercharged applications and deliver a tight, leak-proof seal under the most extreme conditions.

Quick Fuel Technology

This new series of circle track racing 2-BBL carburetors (Part # XP-4412) are packed with features designed to make them competitive with the one-off custom-built carbs that cost hundreds of dollars more.

Edge Products

The full-color touch screen CTS2 has a higher resolution screen that delivers a tremendous pixel ratio and zero glare. To complete the ground-breaking look, Edge’s engineers added one simple HDMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories. Edge is providing more customization with the CTS2. Users can download custom backgrounds and the new platform has a custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles and layouts.


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