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Established in 1887, Whittier, California was named for John Greenleaf Whittier, a Quaker and famous American poet.

Many of the cars featured in the show had paint jobs that were not quite in the Quaker spirit of modesty and sobriety, but the spectators had no complaints about the bright colors!

Out of the rubble of the disastrous 1987 “Whittier Narrows” earthquake the Whittier Conservancy saved the demolition of many historic buildings and residences.  Today “Uptown” Whittier is very picturesque, with tall trees lining the streets shading those historic buildings from an earlier era.

The event had an exceptional style that was eclectic and vibrant…

’39 Lincoln Zephyr convertible
This very rare ’39 Lincoln Zephyr convertible is powered by a V-12 flathead.
1914 Ford “T”
Daniel Wright drove his 1914 Ford “T”. Check out those kerosene lights!

1914 Ford “T” 1914 Ford “T”

The event had an exceptional style that was eclectic and vibrant with many shops, antique stores, restaurants, cafes, and a local movie theater that created a unique backdrop for the vintage cars parked along the street.

A local car club, The Tribe, helped park the pre-’76 American hot rods, street rods, Bombs, foreign cars, and customs on Greenleaf and Philadelphia and the spectators filled the middle of the streets to enjoy the cars.  It was nice to see the “Bombs” were back.  Vendor booths were also placed along the streets among the cars.  Live music by the “Delorean’s”, “Boxcar Boogie”, “Bootleggers” and “Super Kitty and the 5 cats” played all day.  The weather was a perfect 78° and lots of people were out to see the event.

Thanks for the Show!!

It was nice to see the “Bombs” were back.

vintage cars staged along the street for event
Before the event opened vintage cars were staged along the street.


 ’63 Chevy Suburban
This striking ’63 Chevy Suburban is small block Chevy powered and the owner is Ron Medina of Whittier.

 ’63 Chevy Suburban bootspace

’29 Buick Cabriolet
This antique ’29 Buick Cabriolet is owned by Lind Coop.

’29 Buick Cabriolet ’29 Buick Cabriolet ‘51 Ford

‘51 Ford
This ‘51 Ford is a great example vintage customizing with a chopped top and cool scalloped paint. The owner is Joe Morales of San Gabriel.

Insides of the ‘51 Ford ’37 Packard 120 Sedan

’37 Packard 120 Sedan
Nickolas Aispuro from Whittier brought his skillfully restored ’37 Packard 120 Sedan with straight 8 power under that long hood.

’37 Packard 120 Sedan 35 Chevy Master Deluxe 4 door sedan 35 Chevy Master Deluxe 4 door sedan

35 Chevy Master Deluxe 4 door sedan
A nicely accessorized ’35 Chevy Master Deluxe 4 door sedan.
copper colored ’38 Chevy 4 door
Lidia Natividad brought her gorgeous copper colored ’38 Chevy 4 door from So. El Monte. Check out the Lancer hubcaps!

copper colored ’38 Chevy 4 door Interiors of the copper colored ’38 Chevy 4 door

military vehicle
A special parking lot was dedicated to military vehicles.

’71 Honda AN600
This unique original ’71 Honda AN600 has 36hp, 2 cylinders and is a 2cycle motor
’65 Buick Rivera
This very straight ’65 Buick Rivera belongs to Al Carrsco. This is where  “Nailheads” came from!

’65 Buick Rivera

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the October 2017 print issue of the Drive Magazine.