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Top-Notch Truck Parts for Peak Performance

01. Atturo Tire/Trail Blade MTS

The Trail Blade MTS is the first tire in Atturo’s Trail Blade Sport series. Atturo Trail Blade MTS offers three new 26-inch tires, 12-ply rated for the  and 1 ton market. Similar to the popular Trail Blade M/T, the tread pattern of the Trail Blade MTS is based on Atturo’s short-course successes, and features distinct grooves, sipes, and four-lug design. The intimidating sidewall treatment of the Trail Blade MTS carries over similar features from the knife blade-inspired tread.

Atturo Tire

02. Alpharex/03-06 Chevrolet Silverado NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights

Introducing the Chevrolet Cateye Silverado NOVA-series full LED headlights, designed to elevate your driving experience. These headlights feature three of Alphrex’s exclusive 3D ice-cube projectors, accompanied by matching bumper lights. With a versatile light tube, the headlights and bumper lights serve as both DRL and turn signal lights on both sides. You have the option to configure the light tube to display white as the default DRL color or switch to amber.


03. Limitless Autoworks/Mirror Spot Speed Override Harness

This simple plug and play harness will give your 2017-2022 Super Duty or 2015-2020 F-150 mirror spotlights the ability to come on and stay on whenever the factory button is pressed.

Limitless Autoworks

04. Rigid Industries/Radiance+ RBGW XL Pod

Rigid’s Radiance+ RBGW XL Pod goes big in style and size. The light takes design notes from RIGID’s popular D-XL PRO and adds a stylish flair with the ability to toggle between eight available backlight options with the flip of a switch: red, green, blue, light blue, purple, amber, white, or demo. The Radiance+ RBGW XL Pod is a stand-out addition to any vehicle platform.

Rigid Industries 

05. Driven Diesel/Power Steering Lines

The factory power steering pressure hoses in 01-10 Duramax equipped pickups are notorious for leaking at their poorly designed, crimped-on fittings.  If you are looking for a true “once and for all” solution to this common problem….look no further. Driven Diesel’s kits consist of CNC bent stainless steel tubing sections modeled after the OEM bends and top quality hydraulic hose to prevent additional noise from the pump. The tubing sections are designed to be installed independently of the hose, making installation easier and allowing the hose section to be replaced in the unlikely event of a leak.

Strictly Diesel