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Fully Charged Live San Diego is… Live!

The Fully Charged Show is back in the US, this time in San Diego, CA. And it is happening NOW (well, this weekend), with plenty of modern EVs and several retrofits.

Watch this space as we discover them all, and if you are in California, you can still visit tomorrow all day.

The two-day event showcases a host of quality indoor and outdoor exhibits and attractions, including:

  • Two live theaters jam-packed with US-relevant content
  • ~100 Electrified Vehicles of all shapes & sizes

  • ~100 Exhibitors of Clean Energy & Electric Vehicle-related technologies
  • Selection of Classic and Concept Vehicles
  • Test drives and ride on’s
  • Live music, plus more!

There will be over 30 electrifying live sessions with expert panelists over the two days covering all the hot topics in the world of Electric Vehicles and Cleantech.

Fully Charged is amongst the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the world, and with more than 35% of its ‘watch time’ in 2019 (US 29% and Canada 6.3%), North America is its most significant and fastest-growing geography. With a combined population of ~360 million, the potential for electric vehicles and clean energy in North America is vast.

In the meantime, here’s the first video about the show, posted by Mister Know It All in person:


Fully Charged LIVE North America 2023


Swap’n’Save thousands in California


If the CA Senate Transportation Committee approves this project, ICE vehicle owners may soon be eligible for a financial rebate if they switch to an electric vehicle’s powertrain.

If AB 2350 passes and becomes law, one would soon be able to receive a financial rebate for swapping one’s drivetrain to EV California. This bipartisan assembly measure, which SEMA is also supporting, aims to persuade individuals to switch to electric vehicles by allowing them to perform a conversion build rather than buying an entirely new car.

California has sponsored initiatives like the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program and the Clean Cars for All Program for years to encourage owners to purchase EVs. The hitch was that these programmes didn’t apply to conversions; they were solely for brand-new cars.

By converting their internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), owners may be eligible for a $2,000 state reimbursement under Assembly Bill 2350, the Zero-Emission Aftermarket Conversion Project. According to the bill, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project will have up to $2,000,000 available each year to give applicants rebates for qualified vehicles that have been converted into zero-emission vehicles.