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Charge Cars Mustang: behind the scene

At the moment, we are still growing our manufacturing team and are waiting for some pure manufacturing specialists to join. On the production side of things, we have a Production Operations Lead, Steve Mills, who supports the whole process and is now focused on the daily build while also looking after a team of 4 technicians.

There are always numerous challenges when you’re the first company building any cutting-edge, groundbreaking vehicle. Someone always has to be the first, but it doesn’t make it the easiest. What we do very well is when we find a challenge, we work together and communicate as a team to solve the issue, to allow improvements for our future builds and parts as we move towards the start of production.
The most exciting thing for our team is the look on the customers and fans’ faces when the car we built together is on display and is receiving all the praise and press from the industry, including the people you look up to. Knowing that you and your team had a massive part in that feels amazing. am excited to see what comes next as we move into these stages of the build process.
Source: Charge Car