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Chevy Camaro | Sikkwip

There’s a reason why everyone loves an old-school Chevy Camaro. You can talk about the history, its status as a muscle car, the technical aspects and so forth; but when you get down to it, a lot of it is the classic body design. It looks simply badass, like an ideal brought to life. And when a true enthusiast loves the car and is willing to put his resources and time into the project, what he gets when it’s complete is no longer a mode of transportation but a work of art, an expression of beauty.

Chevy Camaro
Paint by The Hot Rod Shop’s Derek Carlson. House of Kolor Gloss Black with Satin Black stripes.
Interior on a Chevy Camaro
Wheels are 18-inch Rushforth Rated X. They’re wrapped in Nitto 555Rs: 265 for the front and 335 for rear.

Black Chevy Camaro

Owner Bret Ervin is one of those dedicated Chevy Camaro fans. He was raised in an automotive family. In fact, he had a couple of uncles who raced stock cars in Monterey, California. One was NASCAR driver Tim Williamson, who was active in the late ’70s. With that type of influence around you how could you not be a car guy? This garage-built car takes an already desirable make and model and turns it into what many of us would want in our dream garage. What better way to kick off our new “Reader Rides” series than with this Sikkwip.

All emblems were shaved and the bumpers painted to match the body.


  • Under this Chevy Camaro hood you’ll find a 383 stroker connected to a 4L60E paddle shift transmission.
  • All XRP plumbing.
  • Suspension is by Chassisworks on Air Ride.
  • Wilwood 13-inch brakes.
  • The interior is leather and suede with a mono steering wheel and an ididit tilt column.
  • The stereo system consists of an Alpine head unit and JL Audio speakers.
  • Other features include Auto Meter gauges, a Lokar shifter and Vintage Air front drive.


Paint and body by The Hot Rod Shop

Interior by Roman’s Interior

Assembly by Jake Moreno

Text by Drive Staff Photos by Studio5 Photography