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Replace, Restore, Build your Project with these amazing products

National Parts Depot

NPD is now a distributor for Real Deal Steel 1967-69 Camaro and Firebird coupe body shells. Constructed with 18 gauge steel and 25 percent more spot welds than GM originally used, it provides a solid foundation for your first generation F-body vision. Rally Sport, deep wheel tubs and rear spoiler options are also available, pricing starts at $13,000.

Real Deal Steel 1967-69 Camaro and Firebird coupe body shells

Classic Performance Parts

CPP has what you need to finish off that motor and get it into your ride. Install a modern, dependable, lightweight, low maintenance, high-powered V8 that works with all Vortec and most LS engines. Retail starts at $599. All CPP parts have a lifetime warranty.

Classic Performance Parts


The DYAD Drive System Multi-Disc Clutch Kits from Centerforce are designed to handle the additional torque loads from a modified performance engine. The technology allows the clutch to handle up to 1,300 lbs.-ft. of torque. The patented system relies on a pair of discs being driven from a single damped hub, ensuring that both discs are fully damped. Find it at Summit.

The DYAD Drive System Multi-Disc Clutch Kits from Centerforce

REV  Wheels

Rev Wheels 107 Aluminum Rally Wheel is available in sizes: 17×7 17×8 17×9 18×8 18×9 20×8 20×9.5. Available finishes are: Polished or Silver with mirror machined trim ring built into wheel 4, 5, and 6 lug applications. More info and wheel styles at their website below.

Rev Wheels 107 Aluminum Rally Wheel

JET Performance

If you own a late model vehicle made by General Motors, consider swapping the factory Mass Air Flow sensor for JET Performance’s new Powr-Flo MAF Sensor and you can bump up horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. It’s the trifecta of performance. The Powr-Flo MAF sensor optimizes airflow better than the factory sensor. This allows the engine’s ECU to create a more performance-oriented air/fuel ratio. Get it through Summit.

Powr-Flo MAF Sensor


If you need a battery charging system, then CTEK has you covered. And we mean that! The company makes everything you need to monitor, maintain and also re-condition your batteries. It’s not merely hype that their website is named “Smarter Charger”. Their products use an algorithm that goes through eight steps to communicate with your battery, charging only as necessary, thus doing it very efficiently, leaving things at an optimal level.

The MUS 4.3 charger utilizes technology from CTEK’s pro products. It diagnoses if your battery can even receive and retain a charge. And it can do a lot more. CTEK also has a way for you to see what’s going on with your batteries on your phone via Bluetooth. Visit their site to learn more about its Battery Sense and the full line of products.

CTEK battery charging system

Cal West Classic Parts & Radiators

If you like the look of the factory instruments in “Tri-5” Chevrolets, you’ll dig these new, direct replacement “SuperStock” gauge sets from the Old Skool Zone. They enhanced the originals and provided a full set of six instruments that look era correct. But they use the latest in electronic drive technology to provide you with accurate info.

SuperStock gauge sets from the Old Skool Zone

Royal Purple

Royal Purple offers ultimate protection for enthusiasts with Max EZ synthetic power steering fluid specialized for power steering systems in cars and trucks. Max EZ is formulated with a blend of premium synthetic base oils and Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology. Synerlec creates a high-strength ionic bond with metal surfaces which provides unmatched oil film strength, further preventing metal to metal contact.

Max EZ synthetic power steering fluid

The Wheelsmith

The Wheelsmith is now making 16 inch Vintage Wheels available, building them in widths from 4.4″ to 12″. They come in bare steel, powder coated, full chrome, and chrome rim with bare center. The company offers custom back spacing. These are wheels made in the USA by real car guys. See their wide variety of styles at their website below.

Wheelsmith 16 inch Vintage Wheels

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

Whether altering drivetrain position or swapping in a non-factory transmission, the weld-in transmission crossmember kit from Total Control Products is the correct part for the job. Sized to directly fit ’64-70 Mustangs and ’62-67 Novas, the crossmember has a maximum width of 29” and ships as an unassembled weld-together kit, allowing ultimate flexibility in positioning the drivetrain. The crossmember bracket accepts common GM-style urethane mounts for directly mounting to most commonly used transmissions.

transmission crossmember kit


You Mopar fans can get an EFI-ready fuel tank, complete with built-in electric fuel pump, with Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank Systems for your hotted-up A- or E-body. Inside each reproduction steel tank sits a high-output electric fuel pump that’s rated at 340 liters per hour (lph) free flow. That’s enough flow to feed an EFI engine making up to 850 horsepower or a carbureted engine making up to 1,000 horsepower. Get it through Summit.

EFI-ready fuel tank


The SC Sport Seat by Cerullo Performance Seating is designed to fit hundreds of muscle, pro-touring car and classic cars. They can be made in any color and material. Visit them online for more info.

SC Sport Seat by Cerullo Performance Seating

Edelbrock Enforcer Supercharger Systems

Edelbrock has expanded its E-Force Supercharger systems to include the 2016 Camaro SS with manual or automatic transmissions. These new systems increase the power of the 6.2L LT1 to 580 horsepower and 548 ft-lbs. of torque to the rear wheels for a 140 horsepower and 124 ft-lbs. torque increase over stock with manual transmission.

Edelbrock's E-Force Supercharger systems

United Pacific

The United Pacific Industry 1957 Chevy sofa with actual restoration parts will make any man-cave stand out and immediately be the center piece of conversation, providing that extra classy touch in any showroom. Or pamper your waiting customers to ease the passage of time. If you’ve got a ’57 Chevy in the garage, this sofa is the perfect complement to your timeless beauty in whatever room you put it in.

The United Pacific Industry 1957 Chevy sofa

National Parts Depot

This custom shield fills the gap between the grille and the radiator support proving a clean finished look to your engine compartment as well as increasing cooling efficiency by directing air into the radiator instead of over it. Architectural grade finishing process resists fading. Stamped from .040- or .063-inch thick aluminum, this product is available in black anodized, clear anodized and polished finishes. Priced from $99.95 with models custom fit to the ’65-66, ’67-68 and ’69-70 Mustang.

National Parts Depot's custom shield


On the street or autocross course, VariShock offers the ultimate direct-replacement shock absorber for cars and trucks. VariShock Bolt-Ins are designed and manufactured with quality, American-made components and offered in factory-valved (SensiSet), single-adjustable (QuickSet 1), or double-adjustable (QuickSet 2) versions.

VariShock's direct-replacement shock absorber

SPC Performance

SPC Performance’s Street Rod and Musclecar Front Upper Control Arm gives Mustang owners front-end adjustability to dial in a precise suspension setup. This upper control arm product is the perfect option for drivers looking to transform a Mustang into a serious corner carver. Find it at Summit.

SPC Performance’s Street Rod and Musclecar Front Upper Control Arm

McMillan Rod & Custom

Protect your painted running boards with polished stainless steel moldings from McMillan Rod & Custom. This product will offer you needed protection as well as a nice accent. The “Standard Universal Kit” is made from type 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

polished stainless steel moldings from McMillan Rod & Custom

Classic Performance

With applications for Tri-five, Nova, Camaro, Chevelle, Impala and C10s, CPP’s 500 Series are a great upgrade for the factory power steering box or an easy way to convert from manual steering to power steering. This latest design integrates the aluminum upper housing right into the top of the steering box to allow for better clearance.

CPP's 500 Series

H&H Classic Parts

Add some style to your storage with these classic consoles from H&H Classic Parts. These are universal consoles that will fit anything with a bench seat.

Classic consoles from H&H Classic Parts


OER is offering authentic, high-quality replacement gauges to help you monitor your classic vehicle’s vital signs. They have six new reproduction gauges: three for 1970-71 Mopar A-Body models, and three for 1972-76 Mopar A-Body models.

OER high-quality replacement gauges

Editor’s Note: A version of this article with product details first appeared in the July 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.