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8 Essential Transmission Components

Check out these amazing new products featured in June 2016 issue of Drive Magazine.



Smooth functionality with outstanding appearance is designed into every set of Eddie Motorsports’ Billet Hood Hinges and their latest addition is for the popular GM classics including 1967-1969 Camaro & Firebird, 1964-1967 Chevelle, 1963-1967 Impala, 1964-1967 GTO, and 1964-1967 Olds Cutlass.


Eddie Motorsports


Forget the core charge! Chevs of the 40s’ new replacement clutch kits for 1938-53 Chevy cars and trucks come with a 9″ clutch, pressure plate, pilot bushing, throwout bearing, alignment tool, and lube.


Chevs of the 40s


Classic Industries’ latest in the line of Mopar Authentic Restoration Products is a new remote outer door mirror from OER. It fits the driver’s side (left hand) door of a variety of Dodge and Plymouth vehicles, specifically 1966-72 A-Body models equipped with a vent window and remote mirror option, and 1966-70 B-Body models.


Classic Industries


Protect wiring, hoses, fuel lines, hydraulic lines and other similar components in the highest automotive heat conditions with Heatshield Products Lava Tube. The material is specially formulated and uses a fibrous thermal-barrier weave made from volcanic rock. The basalt fiber allows Lava Tube to protect components from continuous temperatures of 1,200° Fahrenheit, and intermittent temperatures of 2,000° Fahrenheit.


Heatshield Products


Summit Racing has you covered with its new Garage Cabinetry Sets. They are a convenient place to store things and give you a place to get actual work done. Features include: Industrial-grade steel construction, high-quality, welded frame construction, 3.2 mil thick epoxy powdercoat paint finish, HMC high-security tubular locking system and keys, and tough bamboo work bench surfaces


Summit Racing


Racepak’s IQ3D Drag Logger Dash is designed for the sportsman drag racer looking for a compact, all-in-one solution for data logging and instrumentation. It eliminates the need for an external data logger, and features an easy to access MicroSD memory card, four user-definable display pages, programmable shift and warning lights, and the ability to display up to 28 inputs.




Performance Automatic has new Ford 6 Speed Coyote Street Smart Transmission Packages complete with everything you need: 11.5” Factory Spec Torque Converter, flex plate, block plate, inspection cover, “6600” Stand Alone Transmission Controller and wiring harness, plus all the required hardware.


Performance Automatic


Classic Instruments has just released their updated gear selector interface module the SN46Z. The kit includes a transmission mounted sensor and interface module that works with Classic Instruments’ gear selector gauges or individual LED indicator lights. The transmission sensor works with most three and four speed automatic transmissions and easily connects to the shift arm with the included parts.


Classic Instruments

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A version of this article first appeared in the June 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.

1968 C10 | Perfection, Perfected

Chris has built quite a few custom rides for himself and clients, but one that he had always wanted to tackle was a late-’60s Chevy truck. He finally got his chance when he picked up a 1968 C10, but it would take more than three years to complete. After all, you can’t rush perfection!

383 with modern FiTech fuel injection
In a world of LS engines, it’s nice to see a tried-and-true old school SBC under the hood. Don’t worry—it’s a stroked 383 with modern FiTech fuel injection and a bunch of other bolt-ons that make it run as good as it looks!

Custom painted wheel on a white 1968 Chevy

The GM Snow White three-stage pearl paintjob by Alamo Custom really accentuates the second-gen C10’s beautiful lines, but you can’t just ignore all of the work hidden underneath. Pretty much anything that protruded from the body was shaved off, front and rear roll pans were grafted on, and both the inside of the bed and engine compartment were completely reworked with some amazing sheetmetal magic. But there’s more—a lot more.

To give you a more thorough idea of the type of work that went into the body, we’ll let Chris finish explaining it himself.

Lucy license plate on white 1968 pickup truck

Porterbuilt’s finest air-ride chassis
The entire frame was painted an amazing copper hue and features Porterbuilt’s finest air-ride chassis components for a jaw-dropping stance. Custom wheel tubs and a smooth sheetmetal floor help accentuate the bed’s focal point.

“Every possible pinch weld and seam has been completely welded up, removed and smoothed out,” he says. “The entire front end and cab have been welded together to form a single assembly. The entire bed received the same treatment with a custom sheetmetal floor. The hood was sectioned and narrowed, and the leftover outer material was added to the front fenders.”

Yeah, he totally explained it better!

The chassis is every bit as wild, with Porterbuilt front and rear “dropmember” Stage 3 air suspension setups added onto the factory framerails for an asphalt-hugging stance, and then coated with copper paint for maximum contrast. The rearend was narrowed and beefed up to better handle the higher output of the fresh 383 stroker engine, which was dressed with a Holley intake manifold, FiTech fuel injection and Hooker headers and mated to a 4L60E transmission. Wilwood and CPP brake components were bolted on front and rear for added confidence when flooring the “go” pedal, and they look pretty dang tasty behind the copper 22×9 and 22×12 Intro Classic wheels as well.

We guess that when you do it for a living and you love what you do, it just goes with the territory!

Custom frontend on a 1968 Chevy C-10 1968 Chevy C10 custom dash 383 stroker engine installed in a 1968 C10

As for the interior, that’s where Chris and his team at MTI Interiors really got to shine. Building around the custom-made bucket seats that were fitted with Relicate leather, the inner confines of Chris’ truck are nothing short of amazing. Again, it makes the most sense to let Chris describe exactly what’s going on.

“The interior was completely modeled in AutoCAD and Fusion 360, and was machined using our in-house CNC machines,” he says. “[The] techs responsible for executing the build are Matt Vowell, Edgar Diosdado, Matt Thomas, Lance Coffman, with me as the lead.”

Custom MTI Interiors Classic Industries custom dash

Classic Industries instrumentation was used in the custom dash, but instead of using a ’67-’72 cluster set, a ’55-’59 Chevy truck setup was fabbed into the center of the dashboard and looks right at home. An Arc Audio stereo system was strategically placed throughout the cab, adding yet another dimension to the already insane interior.

But like we said, Chris is a bit of a perfectionist, so at the time of this writing he was already tearing apart the inside of the truck to completely redo it. We guess that when you do it for a living and you love what you do, it just goes with the territory!

Lowered custom white 1968 C10

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