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The Sparks Show 2020 at the Sevier County Fairgrounds in Sevierville, Tennessee, brought quite the crowd! This three-day event packed a fun-filled weekend for the whole family. The August show was presented by Sparkles Detail, Fennell Custom Interiors, Minitruckers Union, Jr. Griffey & Son Body Shop and Logan Wade Photography. 

The show started on Friday night with an epic pre-party. DJ Maze and OLP were set up at the showgrounds bringing the tunes while Molloy’s BBQ was slinging some mouthwatering street tacos. The night then wound down with a corn hole tournament brought to you by Corey Floyd Photography. Tacos and cornhole: What more could you ask for? RED OBS AT The Sparks Show

Unfortunately, Saturday morning started with a lot of rain. Despite the rain, the grounds were absolutely packed with amazing rides! The sun finally began to shine in the afternoon as the rain moved out. Everyone dried off their vehicles so they would be prepared for judging. The quality of rides, as well as the people, were absolutely amazing! Adam Tripp, Don Dizzy Davis and the Sparks Show crew immediately got to work knocking out the judging. As the sun began to set at the fairgrounds, the fun wasn’t over yet! The Sparks Show crew shut down the parkway with an epic cruise with a fleet of trucks from No Regrets, Aftermath and several more.

Luckily, Sunday morning brought more sun and no rain. New vehicles and even more spectators started to roll into the fairgrounds. While you walked around the show you could hop under the pavilion to check out all of the awesome auction and raffle items. From the Rose Metalworks panel and custom cornhole board to a Golden Ticket for Minitruck Nationals 2020, this show had it all! Michelle Boone organized the club games while the crew set up for the limbo contest on the far side of the fairgrounds.

This show always raises money or collects donations for a specific charity, and this year they donated to POPs for Patients ( The Sparks Show was able to raise $4,000 plus approximately 130 Funko Pop figures for donation! As the show began to come to an end, it was time for awards.

The awards were created by Welch’s Chop Shop, Mad House Designs and many more sponsored by Jr. Griffey & Son Body Shop. Darrell Poe was presented with the Best of Show truck. The Best Paint award went to Chris Denton and the Best of Show Car went to David Culpepper with the VW Beetle, a.k.a. Beetlejuice. Josh and Anne Holt took home the OLP Minis On Da Rise award this year. The Club Participation Hammer stayed with Banzai with a total of 23 registered vehicles at the show.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the weather conditions, this was one of the best years for The Sparks Show! Adam and Don aren’t stopping now, so be on the lookout for the Sparks Show 2021!

The Sparks ShowCRAMBURY AT The Sparks Show