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EV Builder’s Guide Winter 2022 is (almost) here!

We are fully charged and ready to blow your mind with issue 2 of the first-ever, all-electric publication documenting the cool and custom world of EV retrofit conversions and modified OEM electric vehicles. 

On the cover of this amped-up second issue is a rubber-melting¬†1930 Ford Model A hot rod.¬†After +90 years of burning fuel, it now¬†runs exclusively on electrons!¬†That’s just a hint of what you will find within the¬†132 pages¬†of Volume 2.

Besides the awesome builds¬†we tested¬†all over the world, you’ll find event coverage from the¬†best shows, like the exhilarating Holley High Voltage fest.

Of course, you can expect the usual extensive knowledgebase from our experts regarding EV swaps, certifications, and even an industry directory focused on our fast-emerging counterculture.

All this and so much more, shipping nationwide next month. and you can pre-order it here (US and Worldwide delivery):

Even better, you can subscribe HERE and get this issue within your new subscription!


EV Builder’s Guide Cover Sneak Peek

Check out our tongue-in-cheek cover for the second issue of the¬†EV Builder’s Guide.

Pre-order HERE – and meet the beast in the metal at the SEMA show in November:

No hydrocarbons were used in the making of this cover photo.