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Revolutionize Your EV! Discover the Newest Upgrades and Accessories

Upgrade Your Build with These Top Products

THE AFTERMARKET EV SPACE IS GROWING AT A breakneck pace, with new and improved products coming to the market virtually every month. Take a look at our picks for this spring, and stay tuned for even more groundbreaking developments. 

01. Danfoss HD220+ M+C+T

The Danfoss HD220 is a robust and high-powered PMAC (permanent magnet AC) electric motor engineered for heavy-duty, high-torque applications. Formerly known as the UQM HD220, this dynamic system includes the motor, controller, and a two-speed pneumatic Eaton transmission, providing versatile performance in various settings—from school buses to mining equipment and consumer vehicles. With a nominal voltage of 360V, input voltage range of 250-440V, and a peak torque of 1,748 lb-ft, the HD220 delivers exceptional power with a peak output of 295hp/220kW and a maximum speed of 4,800 rpm. The total package weight, approximately 450 pounds, ensures a compact and efficient solution for a wide array of heavy-duty electric vehicle applications.

02. Ingenext Model 3/Y Controller

Unleash the full potential of your EV conversion projects with the Tesla Model 3/Y Motor and Battery Controller crafted with automotive quality components. This state-of-the-art controller is tailored for seamless compatibility with Tesla Model 3/Y motors and batteries from 2018 to 2023. Manage your drive experience effortlessly through the intuitive Android and iOS applications, granting you access to critical data, customizable limits, and PRND settings. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, this 100% waterproof controller is the answer for both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive applications. Benefit from CCS fast-charging capabilities for rapid recharging, and enjoy versatile control options through CANbus or digital inputs.

03. Fueltech VCUs

FuelTech’s latest software release, version 5.1, marks a significant leap into the realm of electrification with its standout feature—the Electrification Pack. Compatible with FT600, FT550, and FT450 VCUs, this software upgrade propels FuelTech products into the world of EVs and hybrid drive systems. The PowerFT VCU, renowned for its versatility in controlling combustion engines, now boasts an array of functions for electrified powerplants. The Electrification Pack encompasses four main blocks—system, drivability, safety, and monitoring—delivering comprehensive control over electric vehicle components. From managing inverters and battery management systems to controlling regenerative braking and torque for instant motor response, FuelTech ensures optimal performance and range extension. The VCU also prioritizes safety, monitoring critical parameters in real-time to safeguard battery health. With configurable dashboards and extensive data-logging, FuelTech continues to provide enthusiasts and professionals with a powerful tool for tuning and optimizing both electric and combustion-powered vehicles. The PowerFT VCU remains a versatile and feature-packed control unit, setting the standard in the automotive performance industry.

04. Wallbox Pulsar Plus

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a compact yet powerful solution for efficient home electric vehicle charging. With Level 2 charging technology and an adjustable capacity ranging from 16A to 48A, this sleek charger can add up to 30-35 miles of range per hour, catering to a variety of electric car models. The Pulsar Plus seamlessly integrates into your smart lifestyle, offering wireless control and monitoring via the myWallbox app through Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity. For added convenience, voice control functionality is enabled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Even without internet access, Pulsar Plus’ onboard intelligence ensures you can plug in, charge, and manage your schedule effortlessly. Future-ready and designed for easy installation, this hardwired charger boasts a maximum power of 11.5 kW, Type 1 (SAE J1772) connector, and dimensions of 7.8×7.9×3.9 inches, making it a stylish and efficient addition to any home-charging setup.

05. Resolve Nissan Leaf Controller

The Resolve controller is the ultimate solution for EV enthusiasts seeking a seamless conversion using Nissan Leaf components. This comprehensive controller not only manages the motor, inverter, charger, and battery pack, but it also handles essential features like brake lights, reverse lights, pre-charging, and HV relays. The Resolve controller ensures a smooth conversion process, utilizing key Nissan Leaf components from various model years, including the charger, motor, inverter, and battery pack. With a user-friendly OLED screen, it displays critical information such as state of charge, selected gear, charging kW, and water temperatures above 80°C or 175°F. Additionally, the Resolve controller offers versatility with three regenerative braking modes and the option to set the max charge to 85%, promoting battery longevity. Compatible with Nissan Leaf components from 2014 to 2022, including the e-NV200 models of the same years, the Resolve controller is your all-in-one solution for a successful EV conversion.

06. Fellten Universal 55kWh Battery Pack

Fellten’s “Universal” battery pack might look simple, but it’s packed with years of experience in making electric powertrains. This compact powerhouse combines battery management, a high-voltage pre-charge circuit, contactor control, service disconnect fuse, and CCS charge control, all while fitting an impressive 55kWh of energy into a small space. With its fast-charging capability, it’s able to provide you with up to 185 miles of range in under an hour. Fitting neatly under the hood of most larger classic cars, it’s a perfect fit for Land Rovers, Camaros, Broncos, and more. The 350v nominal voltage and 245kW peak output make it compatible with popular motors like Zonic, Tesla, and others. Weighing in 700 pounds and boasting IP67 protection, it’s a simple yet powerful solution for electric vehicles.

07. Thunderstruck Motors Ground Fault Monitor

Thunderstruck’s Dilithium Design Ground Fault Monitor (GFM) is engineered for the safety-conscious electric vehicle builders and operators, this control unit measures the electrical isolation between a battery pack and the vehicle ground. With a user-friendly design, the GFM is easily integrable into diverse systems through its two digital outputs and CANbus interface. Offering peace of mind, it reports fault severity and location within the pack if a ground fault is detected. Rated up to 600V, this GFM features configurable fault tolerance levels, pack voltage measurement, and fault location measurement.