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SEMA Show 2023 Unveiling the Automotive Industry’s Pinnacle

The Largest Automotive Event in the World

When it comes to automotive events, you’ll find nothing larger or more recognized than the SEMA Show. While most people perceive this event to be a car-and-truck show, it isn’t. It’s an industry-only trade show designed for aftermarket manufacturers, distributors, and related companies to network and show off the latest and greatest parts. 

Are most of these parts installed on top-notch vehicles? Yes. Are there more high-end builds than any other automotive event? Yes. So, in a way, you can say it’s a “show” but on a totally different level.

Each year people from all over the world travel to Las Vegas the first week of November to attend this event, and this was the 60th year they have done so. SEMA organizers recorded more than 130,000 attendees with 70,000-plus buyers and 3,000-plus media personal, all from over 140 countries. While the size of the crowd was massive, the size of the venue was even more impressive: With over a million square feet indoors plus all the massive outdoor areas, attendees had literally no way to see every vehicle.

Engaged Media, the parent company of Street Trucks magazine and our sister titles, sent the editorial team to SEMA so that we could give our readers the best truck coverage possible. The company also hosted a booth in the Central Hall, right in the middle of Hot Rod Alley. In the booth, we debuted our Sergeant Square C10 build you’ve seen for several months throughout the build process, which was done to benefit Mission 22. The booth stayed packed from opening to closing each day as attendees stopped by to salute the Sergeant in person.

We also debuted our Project Stockish, a ’23 Sierra build you’ve also seen on these pages. It starred in the Dropstars Wheels booth after making its way from North Carolina to Las Vegas to represent the wheel company as well as Street Trucks.

To get you the best print and digital coverage in the world, we packed our most comfortable shoes and stocked up on plenty of water and energy drinks to prepare for the miles we would walk each day as we tracked down the best trucks and the newest products.

This is one event we refuse to miss. And because it’s open only to the automotive industry, it’s a must for us that we attend to bring you as much coverage as possible. Follow our social media pages as well as the Motortopia YouTube channel for even more content from the show!

The Engaged Media booth was home to Street Truck’s Sergeant Square build for Mission 22. It had a big reveal at the show!

The best booth models of the show were practicing their poses before work.