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Everrati’s Electric Porsche 964 hits the US

The UK-based EV conversion specialist, Everrati, built an inaugural 964 conversion for US customer-turned-investor Matt Rogers. The “Signature” model has a 62-kWh battery sending electrons to a Tesla Model S Performance motor, which puts out around 500 horsepower.

The Porsche’s original rear-biased weight distribution is maintained, and the car weighs only 90 pounds more than a narrow-body internal combustion 964.

The car’s exterior has been given a widebody Turbo-style design finished in pristine Mexico Blue, with carbon fiber for the rear ducktail-style spoiler and a rear bumper with deleted cutaways for the original flat-six’s exhaust tips.

The cabin is finished with the finest and most eco-friendly Bridge of Weir leather with Pepita or houndstooth inserts, and the dash still sports original switchgear and what looks, at first glances, like original gauges.

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