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250 Hot Rods and Classic Cars in the Fallbrook Country Car Show

It’s 6:00 am and you’re driving with your lights on. You’re following someone because you have never been here before. You turn onto a single lane road. In about a quarter of a mile, you see a forest is on your right and a lake is on the left side.

As the morning light begins to shed some light on the flourishing landscape, you think, “Is this a golf course?” It doesn’t look like your usual spot for a car show. You’re then directed to leave the road and drive over the lush green grass to your parking spot.

You find over 250 hot rods and classic cars are parked on the grass inside The Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens with its 18 acres of first-class botanical gardens surrounding a Victorian estate and the luxurious Beverly Mansion.

Fallbrook Country Car Show
One of the more scenic routes to a car show.

Fallbrook Country Car Show

Legend Dode Martin.
Local drag racing legend Dode Martin.
Fallbrook Country Car Show
Phil put “Wild Thang” through its paces! See above.

This was the inaugural Fallbrook Country Car Show hosted by the Fallbrook Ag boosters. Meguiar’s and Jack Powell were proud sponsors of this event. Special guests included local long time resident and drag racing legend Dode Martin and the fire breathing extreme hot rod called “Wild Thang”.

The music was provided by Brett Harrell and his High Energy Sound Machine. There was food, beverages and some unique grounds to enjoy lunch. The handmade trophies were awarded to deserving cars and there was a cool “JR” class for 21 and under.

From the looks of the first edition of this event, it will surely be followed by many more. We certainly hope so.

Chuck & Jim prep their cars.
Chuck & Jim prep their cars.
’70 Chevy Chevelle SS
This sharp 454 Chevy powered ’70 Chevy Chevelle SS belongs to John Clifton.

’70 Chevy Chevelle SS

Fallbrook Country Car Show
Miss Fallbrook, Taryn Sehnert (R) and her first princess, Valerrig Craig, presided over the show.
’57 AMC Rambler Marlin
A “Marlin” was at the show! This is a very original ’57 AMC Rambler Marlin with the original 287ci Rambler motor.

’57 AMC Rambler Marlin

’37 Ford Coupe
Check out the special intake and suicide doors on Patric O’Brien’s very modified ’37 Ford Coupe.

’37 Ford Coupe ’37 Ford Coupe FALLBROOK COUNTRY CAR SHOW

58 Pontiac Bonneville convertible
Joe Free cruised in on his Tri-power equipped ’58 Pontiac Bonneville convertible.
 2017 McLaren 570 S
This very stealthy 2017 McLaren 570 S belongs to Dana Hinke.

’51 Ford Victoria ’51 Ford Victoria

’51 Ford Victoria
This kustom ’51 Ford Victoria has it all ribbed bumpers, skirts, appeltons, scallops, 9 Corvette teeth, lake pipes and an Olds wheel. Cool! The owner is Steve Cogdill.

’53 Mercury

’53 Mercury
Alfredo Virgen brought his kustom ’53 Mercury from Lake Elsinore. Check out the exhaust pipes thru the narrowed bumper.
’67 Chevy Camaro
“Agent Orange” is a highly modified ’67 Chevy Camaro that runs a 454ci Chevy small block dyno’d at 600hp! The owner is Jerry Macenas.
’55 Willy’s Jeep small block Chevy powered sled
Teens, Dylan and Cole Janikoski won a trophy in the JR Class-21 and older, for their ’55 Willy’s Jeep small block Chevy powered sled.


Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the January 2017 print issue of the Drive Magazine.