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US Trade Show Announcement: EVs and Retrofits at Fully Charged Live San Diego

The Fully Charged Live show is back Stateside, and it is bigger than ever!

The show features “everything electric”, including Retrofit and modified EVs. It will be held in San Diego, California on September 10th and 11th.

The trade is invited to book their stand “yesterday” as we are only 6 weeks away from the show.

The two-day event will showcase a host of quality indoor and outdoor exhibits and attractions including:

  • Two live theaters jam packed with US relevant content
  • ~100 Electrified Vehicles of all shapes & sizes
  • ~100 Exhibitors of Clean Energy & Electric Vehicle related technologies
  • Selection of Classic and Concept Vehicles
  • Test drives and ride on’s
  • Live music; plus more!

There will be over 30 electrifying live sessions with expert panellists over the two days covering all the hot topics in the world of Electric Vehicles and Cleantech.

Info :


Fully Charged LIVE North America 2023