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The Goodguys Car Show: A Texas Tradition


For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of experiencing a Goodguys car show, let me take a minute to explain how cool these events are. The show takes place throughout a three-day weekend; starting Friday morning and ramping up as more and more vehicles arrive to join in the fun. Vendors and swap-meet booths abound, and the autocross experience draws bigger crowds at each successive event. Each part of the event is given as much attention as the others.

Judges begin the task of searching for prize vehicles on Friday and continue throughout Saturday, which is when the full-blown festivities reach their peak. The gates don’t open until 7 a.m., but folks start lining up at 5:30 a.m. For the next two hours, a non-stop parade of vehicles rolls through the entrance toward their spots in the show.

Otto Vega’s f-100
Freshly built by Kindig-it design, Otto Vega’s f-100 Was displayed under the Texas sun.
Rod Parsons’ ’67 C-10
Rod Parsons’ ’67 C-10 has some pretty wicked styling additions inside and out.

Rod Parsons’ ’67 C-10

The autocross event draws bigger crowds every year. The competition gives all registered show participants a chance to put their vehicle through its paces during a timed event, which is open to every vehicle in the show. At the end, the winners in three categories, Street Rod, Truck and Street Machine, received awards for their performance through the course. This year there were nearly 3,000 vehicles on display, and the competition was stiff.

Twenty different Goodguys shows take place throughout the country, running from March through November. Check their website for the full schedule. There’s a good chance that there’s one within driving distance to you, so do yourself a favor and check one out in 2017.

The Goodguys Car Show A car at The Goodguys Car Show The Goodguys Car Show The Goodguys Car Show

 super-sharp F-100
This super-sharp F-100 was painted by KC’s Paint shop.
 ’40 Ford
You really can’t beat the body and beautiful fenders on this ’40 Ford.
’68 Chevy C-10
A ’68 Chevy C-10 and its amazing motor below.

’68 Chevy C-10 Dodge The Goodguys Car Show

Winner of the Goodguys 2016 LMC Truck of the Year, Late, Todd Williams’ ’61 F-100 did not disappoint.

This ’36 Ford from Hot Rods by JSK was so clean that it took the Goodguys 2016 Truck of the Year, Early.

’72 Blazer
Built by Alamo Customs, Ricky Holly’s ’72 Blazer is super slick.
Hill’s hot rods
Hill’s hot rods always has a nice lineup at a show.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the March 2017 print issue of the Drive Magazine.