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SHORT STACK | Will Meadors’ 1992 GMC Sierra

Taking a truck from modified daily driver to something show worthy can be a hard transition for vehicle owners. Committing to take that build as a whole to the next level is usually never the issue—it’s more like remembering to take it at bit easier on the truck to maintain that pristine condition every show vehicle aims to be.

Will Meadors of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, however, decided that was precisely what he wanted to do: spend more time than ever driving this truck once it was completed. After owning the truck since 2010, Will attended SEMA in 2016 and made the choice that he needed to step it up. From there, the rest is history.

You can catch this beautiful truck at shows in Oklahoma and all across the Midwest.

First thing on the laundry list of upgrades Will wanted to make was suspension. On his suspension and frame setup at that time, he wasn’t able to run deep dish wheels, and that was a must. Let us be clear: It was not a want; it was a need. Knowing the amount of work it would take to completely change his as-is setup, Will decided to make the jump from a decked out extended cab to a single cab. Why cut the cord on all that work? Because body-drop, that’s why. With that, he sold off the old cab and built a new chassis, using all the previously worked up body panels, dash, etc. Now that is commitment. He enlisted a handful of friends and got to work. Between the parts lists from Stone Fab, Air Lift and Belltech it is easy to guess how well this truck lays out after the framework was complete.

Every fresh suspension setup needs a fresh pair of wheels. Wanting the deep dish that started all of this, Will chose a staggered set of 22-inch Intros Twisted Vista 2. Packing a full 22×12-inch wheel in the back, that aggressive set of shoes gave an entirely new look to laying out the 90s GMC.

To better turn those massive new wheels, next in line for the Short Stack was motor work. Why not put down more power than ever when debuting a new look, right? To accomplish that, almost the entire Comp Cams motor catalog was used from camshaft to springs and lifters, then topped off with Billet Specialties valve covers. Throw in the matching air cleaner to those valve covers, then tuck it all neatly between the perfect-fitting Slosh Tubz fender tubs and firewall panels. The engine bay was ready to shut down shows just as quick as the exterior.

Last but not least came the paint and interior work to complete the one-of-a-kind single cab. Will enlisted Albert Stem from Stemco Body Works to knock out the paint work on the freshly installed single cab to match the previous extended-cab paint work, which Will had done himself. Like a true pro, Stem absolutely nailed it. Seeing the paint and bodywork on this truck in person, it looks seamless as if it were all done at once. In addition to that, Brandon McCoy of Gooch Pinstriping laid out the incredible ghost lace on the roof as well as the insane graphics on the Slosh Tubz in the engine bay, setting off the purple and black theme with a pop all its own.

Finishing up its extreme makeover Sierra edition, the GMC went to Cody at Code Zero Customs for interior. The combo of the custom black leather bucket seats with purple stitching mixed with the iPad mini and JL Audio setup make any drive you take in the Short Stack a comfortable time.

With more details left to discuss than we have space for, we recommend you find this beauty in person! You can catch this beautiful truck at shows in Oklahoma and all across the Midwest.

Will wants to give a huge thank you to a few people who helped his dream become a reality on this build: “First and foremost, thank you to my wife Jamie, of course; Mike Losh of Slosh Tubz; also Seth Curry, Cody Landis of Code Zero Customs; the King Covers crew, Mike Hall, Eric Banks, Albert Stem; and Brandon ‘Gooch’ McCoy. Finally, thank you to anyone else who ever played a part in this truck taking shape.”

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Will Meadors (Billy Bob)
1992 GMC Sierra
Hometown: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Age: 33
Build Time: 4 to 5 years
Estimated Cost: $25k
Reason for building: Love old body style trucks, had one in high school
Name of truck: Short Stack


  • Custom ¾ steel frame
  • Narrowed original GM rear end
  • AccuAir E-level air management
  • Two Viair 444c air compressors
  • AccuAir 5-gallon aluminum air tank
  • Summit 8-inch GM Master cylinder
  • RCI 20-gallon stainless fuel cell in rear frame
  • Optima Red Top battery in left rear frame
  • Shop: Will Meadors


  • Airlift 2500 bags
  • Stone Fab narrowed arms
  • Belltech QA1 shocks
  • Belltech spindles
  • Braided steel brake lines


  • Long Shot Fab triangulated four-link
  • Airlift 2500 bags
  • Belltech QA1 shocks
  • Shop: Will Meadors


  • 1992 GM 355Ci V-8
  • Comp Cams camshaft
  • Comp Double timing chain
  • Billet Industries belt drive
  • Comp Cams gear drive
  • Spectre water pump
  • Spectre 210 alternator
  • Electric Summit cooling fans
  • Energy Suspension motor mounts
  • Comp Cams springs and lifters
  • MSD ignition
  • Edelbrock Performer manifold
  • Billet Specialties valve covers
  • Billet Specialties air cleaner
  • Shop: Hodges Engine & Performance


  • GM 700R4 1992 rebuilt
  • TCI 2800 Stahl converter
  • Powdercoated driveshaft
  • Shop: Coweta Transmission


  • Stainless Headman 2.5-inch exhaust
  • Spintech muffler


  • Intros Twisted Vista 2
  • Front: 22×9 inch
  • Front tires: 265/30/22
  • Rear: 22×12 inch
  • Rear tires: 335/25/22


  • 2 ¾-inch body drop w/ stock floor
  • Slosh Tubz firewall panels
  • Slosh Tubz wheel tubs
  • Billet Specialties grille insert
  • Stylin Trucks front bumper
  • Stylin Trucks roll pan
  • Smoothed wiper cowl
  • Shaved door handles
  • LED taillights
  • Moore glass windows
  • Shop: Stemco Body Works in Sand Springs, Oklahoma


  • Body: PXR Ford Black w/ PPG base clear
  • Purple graphics by Unique Collision & Lace roof by Gooch Customs
  • Purple engine
  • Air brushed mirrors by Lil Toot
  • Shop: Stemco Body Works


  • Fully smoothed interior
  • Black leather and suede w/ purple stitching
  • Double loop black carpet
  • 24-ounce bucket seats
  • Black smooth headliner
  • Smoothed and painted dash by Unique Collision
  • Glow Shift gauges
  • Pattison machining dash inserts
  • Colorado Customs steering wheel
  • Power windows and locks
  • Billet Specialties rear view mirror
  • EZ wiring
  • Shop: King Covers in Tulsa, Oklahoma


  • iPad Mini
  • JL Audio 1600 RD
  • JL Audio W3 subwoofers
  • JL Audio C2 speakers
  • Sound deadener in cab
  • Shop: Code Zero in Owasso, Oklahoma