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LGE-CTS 16th Annual Open House

LGE-CTS 16th Annual Open House

Before I get into the LGE-CTS open house here’s a little background on the company. I do get a lot of folks out there ask me about the Moroson’s San Dimas based multi-purpose car/truck shop LGE-CTS. Here’s the deal: LGE (L&G Enterprises) has been a family-owned and operated auto body shop since 1982. But it wasn’t until 2001 that things really started happening. That’s when CTS (Custom Truck Shop) was developed and branched off from LGE, in part as a response to the growing demand for aftermarket parts and accessories.

Then in 2012 LGE and CTS combined facilities and now they operate under one roof at the original San Dimas location. LGE-CTS “Chief” Louie Morosan’s  “family business” partners, Gerry Morosan, Theresa Contreras, Sara Morosan and Jason Contreras, are currently recognized by one logo to show the union of the two shops. LGE-CTS Motorsports has the ability to work on the wildest of concepts to the baddest of rock crawlers and everything in between; that includes insurance claims, collision repair, lift kits, lowering, wheels/tires, restorations, and full custom builds for OE manufacturers.

Louie Morosan (President of LGE-CTS) with daughters Theresa Contreras and Sara Morosan
That’s our pal Louie Morosan (President of LGE-CTS) with daughters Theresa Contreras and Sara Morosan hard at it during their open house.
“The Robbins Boys” Blown, Chopped Deuce 3 window
Here’s “The Robbins Boys” Blown, Chopped Deuce 3 window standing tall at sunset.

So now back to the this month’s story. Louie and crew marked their 16th annual open house this year and, like most folks that provide solid professional services, the place was packed with customers and friendlies. In fact, on our way over we picked up a group riding ‘60s-style hard tail choppers making the cruise over to the LGE facility. Very cool, hot rods and Harleys. What a blast! Even though the ride was short we had so much fun we vowed to get together this fall and take a two-lane cruise out to the Chino Airport, then visit a few War-bird pals and have the killer country breakfast at “Flo’s Airport Cafe”. That’s right, all two lane no freeways—you can still do it in L. A.

Louie and the crew had a great show prepared. We’re talking the Taco Man, ice cold Bud Light, a super-sized raffle, a very savvy DJ (with a playlist to die for) and the just right number of cars, bikes and trucks! Sean Devine had his new Silver SO-CAL Speed Shop Bronco on the premises (Louie was giving it the super CTS 4-wheel alignment). It was the first time out for the little 4-wheeler, and it was well received for being built at a hot rod shop!

Ryan Beyer on the blue “Peanut Tank”
That’s Ryan Beyer on the blue “Peanut Tank” hard tail cruising San Dimas on his way to the LGE open House.
Sean Devine’s new SO-CAL Speed Shop silver Bronco
Here’s my wife Carol (front) with Charlotte and Brad Fanshaw checking out Sean Devine’s new SO-CAL Speed Shop silver Bronco. LGE just finished the wheel alignment. The first time out in public.

Combining the shops of LGE-and CTS was most likely a scary move five years ago, what with the recession just barely starting to fade. But it was the right move for the Morosans. Although I’ve only known them for about that same amount of time, I’ve come to respect them and must point out that without the help from the collective talent of the Morosan family, the AXC Hiboy Roadster auctioned this year at Scottsdale would not have happened—but that is a great story for another day!

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the January 2017 print issue of the Drive Magazine.