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Goodguys Del Mar Nationals at Del Mar Fairgrounds, CA

The 17th annual Goodguys Del Mar Nationals, presented by Meguiar’s, started early at the scenic Del Mar Fairgrounds on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Known in the past as, where the “Turf Meets The Surf”. It featured speed, beauty, and celebrities. 

Today the “horses” were under the hoods of pre-’72 hot rods, muscle cars, customs, roadsters, trucks, station wagons, Woodys, vintage and classic cars of all descriptions. Talk about “horses”, the Nitrothunderfest featured vintage top fuel dragsters cackling to life just a few feet from the fans! Speed was on-hand in the form of the Goodguys AutoCross racing competition.

 Today the “horses” were under the hoods…

The “Builders Choice Award” went to Brice Graham from Amarillo, TX. for his surprising ’57 Chrysler Saratoga with 354 HEMI

The event ran Friday through Sunday and featured warm, sunny weather with not a cloud in the sky all weekend. After exiting the last building of vendors and the Show n’ Shine cars, there was a huge parking lot dedicated to every type of car imaginable.

 Vendors hawked a wide variety of goods: hoists, auto parts, time shares, personalized license plates, engines, polishes, jewelry, art, original gas pumps, auto insurance, custom car shops, bric-a-brac, Hawaiian and hot rod shirts, golden oldies music and tapes, bicycles, drivelines, hubcaps, tools, motorcycles and choppers, gaskets, rims, wheels, car seats and signs.

Every so often cars left their parking space to take a ride down the cruise route, past the Woodys pavilion, then back down the cruise route to parade in front of the crowd. There were friendly people everywhere who willingly talked to you about their cars, offered you a chair to stay awhile, and made you feel right at home.

Fantastic cars, wonderful people, nice weather, and a show that provided it all, wraps up this 17th annual Goodguys Del Mar Show.

.. a huge parking lot dedicated to every type of car imaginable

Bruce Wanta’s “Mulholland Speedster” won the Goodguys 2017 March Performance, Street Rod d’Elegance

The “Cool Caddy” pick went to Justin Carrillo from Visalia, CA. for his stunning ’60 Cadillac de Ville convertible. Check out the ’60 Chevy dash!

Check out the fresh Cadillac Phantom from Chip Foose and Wes Rydell

The race cars are staged waiting their turn at the AutoCross course


Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the July 2017 print issue of the Drive Magazine.