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8 Automotive Tools and Supplies for Every Car Owner

Here are some automotive tools and supplies that every car owner should have:

1. Greaser

Amsoil’s new Deluxe Grease Gun Kit can develop up to 3,500 psi, and offers improved pumping performance and ensures grease is adequately applied. It has two convenient grease-distribution options (flexible hose and rigid pipe). The pistol-grip design and rigid pipe allow one-handed grease application, while the flexible hose eases access to hard-to-reach locations.

Amsoil's new Deluxe Grease Gun Kit
Amsoil’s new Deluxe Grease Gun Kit

2. Rocker

This turnkey kit is perfect for customers looking to upgrade their stock LS rockers to use captured roller trunnions. It simplifies the trunnion upgrade process and provides all the tools necessary to make installation easy. The kit utilizes captured roller bearings and billet trunnions that perform well in high-RPM race applications and prevent engine damage from roller bearing failure. The included magnetic installation tool allows for one-handed installation, and its cylindrical construction is perfect for use in an arbor press, vice or c-clamp.

Comp Cams's Turnkey Kit
Comp Cams’s Turnkey Kit

Comp cams

3. Dress-Up Kit

This sleek all-in-one kit takes your 2015-16 Mustang to the NXT Level. The NXT Generation Hydrocarbon covers are for your coolant reservoir tank, brake master cylinder and fuse box. The covers are made of high impact ABS plastic and are treated through a special process that gives them an awesome carbon fiber look. These hydrocarbon products are coated to ensure a long lasting finish. Each cover installs in just a matter of minutes.

NXT Generation Hydrocarbon covers
NXT Generation Hydrocarbon covers

California pony cars

4. Bezels

If you are restoring a vintage Firebird or Trans Am, then you know that replacing the pitted or corroded trim on 1970-73 models can be a challenge. There’s no need to re-chrome original headlamp bezels or scour junkyards and swap meets in search of the elusive set of pristine original headlamp bezels any more. Classic Industries offers quality reproduction headlamp bezels and a host of other restoration parts for the aforementioned models.

Classic Industries' headlamp bezels
Classic Industries’ headlamp bezels

Classic industries

5. Shift It

Putting an overdrive automatic transmission in an old musclecar is a great way to improve drivability and even squeeze out an extra mile-per-gallon or two. The Shifter Conversion kit allows you to modify your car’s factory shifter so it will work properly. They’re available for some Chevelle and Camaro models. A Shiftworks Floor Shifter gives you that factory four-speed look. It’s also ideal for converting from a column shifter to a floor-mounted unit. The shifters come with a chrome shifter stick, a knob or T-style handle, and necessary linkage.

Shiftworks Floor Shifter
Shiftworks Floor Shifter tool

Summit racing

6. Starters

Pertronix Contour starters have a fully enclosed aluminum body that not only look great, but that also protect the starter components from heat and the elements. Their powerful Nippondenso motors and 4.4:1 gear reduction produces 200 lbs.-ft. of starting torque—ideal for high compression engines. Get it through Summit.

Pertronix Contour starters
Pertronix Contour starters

Summit racing

7. Safe Show Car

The Pro-Flo 3 EFI offers the ultimate in performance and power with the precise efficiency of a fully sequential port EFI system. The key to the system is Edelbrock’s exclusive E-Tuner application with base calibrations that have been developed on their dyno. The E-Tuner app uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to communicate with the ECU. The ECU’s self-learning capability will continually adjust the calibration to get the maximum performance from the engine.

Edelbrock's fully sequential port EFI system
Edelbrock’s fully sequential port EFI system


8. Door Handles

These slick billet aluminum interior door handles are precision CNC machined from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum. Door handle and window crank models are available along with new matching window vent cranks! The door handles come with a heavy duty brass 16 spline insert which prevents wearing out and stripping, a common occurrence with original and imported handles.

Eddie motorsports interior door handles
Eddie motorsports interior door handles tool

Eddie motorsports

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the October 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.