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Readers Rides!

The Latest Collection of ’88-’98 Reader Rides from Around the Country!

We love our readers, and we want to know what you are working on, even if it’s not a show stopping, race winning sport truck that gets attention anywhere you go. Does your ’93 have some rust but you still love it? Send us some pics! Have an ’89 with a custom paint job? That’s right up our alley—send us some pics! Or maybe you have an immaculately restored, completely original 454SS with less than 100 original miles on it. Definitely send us some pics of that! We really want to see them all. We are enthusiasts just like yourselves and seeing all the possibilities for these amazing trucks will inspire someone to build something similar. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so here are some of the coolest OBS GMT400 Chevy trucks from around the country to get you thinking about your personal project. Ready to send those pics now? Email them over to us at

Cameron Murray

1994 Chevrolet “EL Diablo” 

’88-’98 Reader Rides’88-’98 Reader RidesFuquay-Varina, NC

Mods: McGaughys 4/6-inch lowering kit with C-notch. All new trim with new bumpers and all new glass. Special blend red paint, new suspension with 20-inch and 22-inch US Mag Rambler wheels, Sport mirrors.

Scott Sapio

1997 Chevy 1500 “OBSession” 

’88-’98 Reader RidesLas Vegas, NV

Mods: Full chassis build, stock floor body dropped on 22-inch wheels.

Aaron Gunter

1997 GMC C1500 SL “Rooster” 

’88-’98 Reader RidesBlanchard, OK

Mods: 4-inch front and 6-inch rear drop using McGaughys suspension products, Doetsch shocks front and rear and Billet Specialties Speedway wheels. 20-inch in the front and 22-inch in the rear. A full interior makeover is also complete and now it’s a daily driver.

Chad Wheeler

1997 C1500 Crew Cab “2nd Chance” 

Mods: Engine 6.0LS with 4L80E transmission. BTR cam, Holley 92mm sniper intake and 92mm throttle body. Speed Engineering shorty headers, full stainless exhaust with Borla muffler.

Body dropped, Stone Fab upper and lower A-arms, Dominator 2600 bags in front. Rear is parallel four-link, Thor Bros Watt’s link, Firestone F9000 air bags. Chassis cleaned and painted satin black.

22-inch Intro Dakota wheels wrapped in Nitto 420s tires. Bed is shaved with a Mod Shop Metal Works full skin and Watson Street Works LED taillights. Inside the bed is fully bead rolled and sprayed in Line X. Paint is PPG Ocean Blue metallic. Interior wrapped in two-tone brown vinyl and suede with blue stitching. All work performed by Auto Kustoms. Dakota Digital VHX gauge cluster, Billet Specialties steering wheel. Escalade center console and stock seats with armrest and headrest removed.

Joe Robles

1997 Chevy Tahoe “GZ Hoe” 

’88-’98 Reader RidesMods: Static dropped, non adjustable suspension riding on 22-inch front wheels and 24-inch rear wheels.

Trevor Loken

1988 Chevrolet C1500 “The Grinch” 

South Georgia

Mods: Boosted stock bottom end 5.3-liter LS, factory 243 heads, makes over 1kwhp (proven), 1.27 60’, way too many parts to list on here!

Matt Dewig

1995 Chevy C1500 

Mods: Bagged with Ridetech four-link, Stone Fab front arms, Airlift 3p air management system, narrowed rear end, US Mag Milner billet wheels and a fully built 350c.i. Small block.

Anthony Iglesias

1998 GMC Sierra 

’88-’98 Reader RidesMiami, FL

Mods: Bagged Nfamus metal rear three-link suspension, raised gas tank bracket, Ekstensive metal front cups, Airlift air management, Viair 444 compressors, 22×9 front and 22×11 rear US Mags Ramblers

KC Phillips

1994 GMC Sierra “Country Boy’s Kryptonite” 

Naples, FL

Mods: Full body custom paint along with custom painted stripes. 6-inch Zone Offroad suspension lift with 20×12 XD Grenades wrapped in 35×12.5×20 Federal MT tires. Hydro dipped interior and green underglow 14-bolt rear end swap.

Jen Thayer

1999 Chevy Tahoe LT “Midnight” 

Sebring, FL

Mods: Midnight sits with a 2-inch drop on 20-inch chrome Voxx wheels with 275/45/20 Nitto NT420V tires all around. Her gray leather interior is mint and the fresh repaint factory Indigo Blue has been ceramic coated to keep her outside looking fresh and wet, which also makes cleaning her a breeze! She’s got a 2-inch cowl hood, upgraded slotted rotors, painted calipers and drums. New aftermarket headlights and tail lights and even a new factory Chevy bowtie exhaust tip. Her tag reads “CHEVY CK” for Chevy Chick. She’s still running her original 5.7-liter with 143k miles. When I got her she was bone stock and has lived her whole life in South Florida until I got her last April. In November she made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, for the holidays and ran like a champ. She’s my daily driver and the nicest of my three OBS Tahoes and my OBS Suburban. What a fleet!

Sam Shaver

1995 Chevy 1500 Extended Cab 

Newberry, FL

Mods: Three-quarter custom built frame with cantilever air-ride setup, 24-inch Raceline billet wheels, 2008 Nissan Titan power rear window molded into cab. 2008 Chevy Ext Cab power side windows molded in. Working on suiciding the front doors with the 2008 Chevrolet extended cab. 180 door hinges, twin turbo small block 350. 1964 Chevrolet double hump truck dash. In process of installing 2005 Pontiac G6 panoramic sunroof.

Michael Johnson

1998 Chevrolet Silverado C1500

Trenton, FL

Mods: 502bbc with 871 Weiand blower. One-off set of staggered 24-inch wheels. One-off 180° 3rd door. Suicide driver’s door. Kindigit handles. G6 panoramic roof. 16-inch Wilwood brakes at all four corners. Winters Performance quick change rearend. GMC full phantom grille. 2-inch chop top, stock floor body dropped to the doors. All link components are polished stainless.

Robert Jaime

1993 Chevy Indy 500 Pace Truck “La Indy”

San Jose, CA

Mods: Forgeline wheels, Viking coilovers, DJM control arms, Belltech flip kit.

Jon Barefoot

1990 C1500 “90s Rich Kid”

Gadsden, AL

Mods: Stock floor body dropped on 20-inch, 3-piece Johnson hotrod seabrings, custom all billet interior with Snowden seats, Slosh Tubs and engine detail. Truck is fresh from its debut at Battle in Bama  ‘21.

Kyle Pashulka

1992 GMC Sierra “Ol Blue” 

Vermilion, Alberta, Canada

Mods: 2.5-inch bodydrop, raised and smoothed/radiused bedfloor with custom center piece. KP components six-link with Watt’s link. Epic Customs front narrowed control arms with slam bags. Accuair VT/e-level. Rear diff narrowed 5 inches. 22-inch Boyd billet wheels. Custom tucked and sectioned front bumper, custom shaved roll pan, smooth wiper cowl, billet grille, shaved tailgate, shaved firewall, Slosh tubs. Currently in the paint shop for a full frame off paint job and a powdercoated chassis and suspension. 350c.i. Chevy small block rebuilt with a 700r4 that has been all chromed and painted. Flowtech headers, Magnaflow dual exhaust, cam, lifters, springs, etc. producing 325-350ish hp.


Saluting the C/K

The decade in which you grew up affects your relationship with CHEVY TRUCKS. Maybe your dad, grandpa or uncle had an older C10 model that was kept somewhat stock or had very minimal modifications made to it. More than likely, the odds of gramp’s truck being in stock condition would be more plausible than your pops keeping his ride free of accessories. Having an old pickup around really influences you as a kid and creates memories that stick around into adulthood.   

However, if you were reaching driving age when the fourth generation of full-size Chevy pickups was being unleashed onto the public, right around the very late ’80s, you just might have a naturally stronger attraction to this new wave of truck style. The ’90s were on the horizon, and so was a new style of, well, everything. Aside from the “hip” new fashion and music trends, there was a new type of truck on the streets for cruising around with your friends. The evolution of the modern American truck had arrived.   

Taking a truck from modified daily driver to something show worthy can be a hard transition for vehicle owners. Committing to take the whole build to the next level is usually not the issue—it’s more like remembering to take it a bit easier on the truck to maintain its pristine condition, which is what every show vehicle aims to be. read more

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1999 was a heck of a year for people who like rad stuff. “The Matrix” was released, Tony Hawk landed the first 900, the Yankees won the World Series for the 25th time and the “South Park” movie finally came out. There were some bad times, too, though. Pam and Tommy got divorced, Y2K had everyone in a panic, boy bands were everywhere and worst of all, the last two-door Tahoe rolled off the assembly line. We didn’t really know it at the time, but we were losing a legend. read more

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Not very many people can tell you the complete history of their ride, but Trent Briggs’ ’92 Chevy has pretty much always been around. He recalls the very first time it came into his family’s life: “My story with my truck began 25 years ago when my parents bought [the truck] brand new off the lot. I was 5 years old but can distinctly remember being there with them to pick it up and being excited since it was bright red and white factory two-toned. My dad used the truck for construction work throughout the years, and I even remember a time when round bales of hay were hauled in the bed.” read more