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Driving this e-Mini brings a Maxi grin on your face – and you can buy it! [VIDEO]

Our friends at TFLEV got the chance to test theThe Coolest Classic Mini‘¬† at the Goodwood Revival recently and just dropped this cool video (See bottom of page)

Their video gives excellent insight into what it takes to convert an EV. Still, more importantly, it shows OEMs are now very open to the idea of retrofitting classic cars.

Mini (well, BMW) uses Zero EV’s technology to produce their Minis via Recharged Heritage – and yes, you can already order these, ready to drive away!

Yes, we know, the steering wheel is on the wrong side – but it’s on the right side for Brits.

No need for ‘petrol’ in this British icon.

The best thing is, the e-Mini quite lighter than the original one! Check out the video below.