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The Evolution of Shifted Industries: Caleb Rennekamp’s Flagship F250

Shifted Industries’ Flagship Truck

When Caleb Rennekamp isn’t running around with his mini-Highland cows on his Florida ranch, he can be found running Shifted Industries, a brand most of us know as one of the meccas for all things trucks. For those unaware, Shifted Industries has been a large supplier of parts since June of 2014 providing high-end parts such as forged wheels, full lift kits of any size, interior and exterior lighting, performance parts, as well as almost every type of exterior piece you could ever want. How did it all begin? Well, look no further than his 2009 Harley Davidson Ford F250. What started as an obsession of vehicles as a young child grew far beyond that—a hobby of toying with vehicles, both his and his friends, which snowballed into him building his own F250 for SEMA in 2011.

Going Big

Realizing the potential to make something out of the SEMA opportunity, Caleb threw on the first ever set of forged 24×14- inch wheels on a truck (American Force Shifts), partnered with a handful of awesome companies, and made a huge impact on the scene. Caleb instantly knew he could fill a gap in the form of bridging the many truck parts companies directly to the consumer via one concise site—Shifted Industries. Fast forward to 2024, and this F250 is still just as beautiful as it was in 2011, albeit with quite an extensive list of changes and upgrades since then.

For starters, the truck was taken down to the frame to smooth and paint the entire chassis which was done by Caleb in his shop. He then threw it on a 16-inch long travel Precision Metal Fab lift complete with King 3.0 coilovers, which are all of course powder coated, or chrome plated. A closer inspection will reveal that even all of the hardware has been chrome plated as well, including the smoothed FK rodends and 3.0 Ballistic joints and bushings. It really is quite the spectacle, hanging out under the truck on the photoshoot was like being a kid in a toy store. No matter where you looked there was something to hold your attention. The steering was upgraded with a Precision Steering Components Ram Assist stabilizer, which, you guessed it, has been chrome plated! Now of course the wheels were given the over-the-top treatment.; The very rare two-piece 24×18 American Force MP Series Octane wrapped in 44 inch Interco Boggers have black faces, polished windows, polished lips and purple hardware.

Mean & Clean

The 6.4 engine has been entirely built up by Performance Machine & MFG. They coated and de-lipped the pistons, put in ARP bolts and head bolts, a polished crank, and bored the motor by .020 inches. There’s a stage 2 Comp Cams camshaft with 188-inch lift and 206-inch duration. The factory heads have been ported and polished, the factory intake has been ported, and it has an Industrial Injection fuel injection system paired with a FASS fuel system. A gnarly compound turbo kit featuring a 59mm and a 76mm turbo fills up the engine bay, getting properly cooled by a Mishimoto radiator and a Spearco Intercooler. A Zex Pro Street nitrous kit finds itself under the center console for whenever you want a powerful shot of juice to drag anybody. Caleb had ATF Speed throw in an ATF Speed 5r110 transmission with a Suncoast Performance torque converter to properly put the power down, and those too have been given the full powder coat treatment to match everything else.! A billet input shaft, billet output shaft, and a billet overdrive planetary plus a polished front and rear drive shaft with solid  billet flanges make literally every single visible component ridiculously shiny and clean. Stopping this monster is a set of brakes from SSBC USA with EBC rotors, and those too match the suspension!

The interior has also been entirely swapped with Tuscany leather seat covers made by Katzkin. A full Rockford Fosgate blow-through sound system featuring four 12-inch Rockford subs was thrown under the rear seat, all done by Travis Horton at A1 Car Stereo. There is also an incredible custom center console that houses the nitrous bottle, with an iPad for a screen and even a PS3 tucked underneath in the rear of the console!

Caleb says that while he absolutely adores the truck, he does have a slight regret for letting it get to this point. The intention for the truck was supposed to be just an 8–10-inch lift on 37-inch tires. Clearly, it went far above that bar, but the reception from people, even to this day, reminds Caleb why he loves it. They tell him that his truck is what got them into trucks to begin with, which is only further proof that Shifted Industries was the right dream to chase all those years ago.