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Father and Son See It Through

Most everyone reading this magazine understands what a battle building a full custom truck can truly be. The constant snowball effect, the nickel and diming of every little part, the late nights and early mornings, the missed birthday parties and family events, and on and on. But none of this comes close to comparing with the real-life battle that the Neeld family was hit with mid-build. 

Jimmy Neeld was handed down a passion for custom trucks from his hero: his pops, Jim Neeld. Father and son, Jim and Jimmy, have worked in the garage together ever since Jimmy was old enough to hand his dad a wrench, and that passion blossomed through the years. They have built a couple rides together and hit the road across the country, enjoying shows and family time and sharing this passion.

But one thing Jimmy was not prepared for during their latest build together was the news of prostate cancer. Mid-build, Jim was diagnosed, and this put things on hold as the family pulled together for Jim. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jim or Jimmy, the Neeld family is a strong, tight-knit family, and when one battles, they all battle. The family rallied around Jim. Through surgery, treatment and all, Jim fought the hard road and did so with his family by his side.

Battling cancer is probably one of the hardest things a person could ever endure, but ringing that bell and beating this silent killer definitely sheds a different light on things. The little things become that much more important, and spending time with his son Jimmy, building their dreams out of their garage, is something Jim had missed dearly. As soon as he was able, father and son jumped right back into the dually build to see it through. As you’ve seen, the Neelds just don’t quit! So, they tackled the hardest parts of the rebuild first to get them out of the way.

Starting on this beast of a dually bed, they redid the sheetmetal bed floor, cut off the old bent-up roll pan and replaced it with a new smooth one. They also added some old school 1989 Cadillac taillights and welded and smoothed the tailgate. Next, the rear fenders were molded to the bed sides and the rear marker lights were also shaved.

Moving on to the cab, they added a bodyline behind the rear doors, shaved the third brake light, shaved the rain gutters, fixed minor body work, and added a smooth cowl and a cowl induction hood to the mix. Because paint and body are what Jim and Jimmy do, they knew this one had to be extra special. A month-long process to the exterior with a little over 3 pounds of Tropical Glitz Frostbite Flake, laced roof and House of Kolor Tangerine Kandy (roof/side stripe), and she was starting to come together. Interior pieces were color matched with PPG beige, and in the bed Jason Feltham from Feltham Fabrications worked his magic on the custom billet FLO airride tanks. Then Brandon Shirley from Mad House Designs pinstriped everything bringing it all together quite nicely.

After the paint and interior work, the new custom cut 24-inch Alcoas were added to make things that much sweeter. And the custom-built spare tire mount for an additional Alcoa in the bed really finishes things off.

With all of the builds the Neeld family has under their belts, this dually definitely hits home and holds a special place in their hearts. Proof that truly anything is possible, with hard work and a positive outlook on life, miracles can and DO happen! Jimmy and Jim are the type of people the truck industry and scene need more of—good people coming together to spread love and share their passion with others, all the while enjoying and putting their family first. Very proud to call you friends, and can’t wait to see what comes out of the Neeld garage next!

Truck specs


Jimmy Neeld

1997 GMC C3500
Smith’s Grove, KY


24-inch Custom Cut Alcoa’s with 275/25R24 Lexani LX-Thirty tires

Chassis Modifications

Air Lift Performance D2600 ‘bags
Ridetech Strong Arm Uppers & Lowers
FLO Air-ride comps and custom tanks painted by Feltham Fab
Z’d and notched frame for clearance, bed lined frame black


Performed by Jim & Jimmy Neeld
Shaved door handles, antenna, third brake light, roll pan and tailgate

Body Mods: Added bodyline behind rear doors, molded rear fenders, flush mount chopper style fuel cap in the bed rail, 1989 Cadillac taillights, custom spare tire bed mount for an additional 24-inch custom cut Alcoa spare wheel

Bolt-ons: Street Scene smooth wiper cowl panel, front fender flares, billet grille with custom billet grille bumper inserts

Misc.: All clear headlights, turn signals and roof lights, tinted windshield/side/rear glass
Brand and Colors: PPG ambulance white base with 3 pounds of Tropical Glitz Frostbite Flake, PPG black base (lace roof), House of Kolor Tangerine Kandy
Extras: FLO air tanks custom painted by Jason Feltham (Feltham Fabrication), pinstriping by Brandon Shirley of Mad House Designs
Interior color matched PPG beige


Performed by Upholstery by Mike’s Upholstery in Seaman, OH
Seats: Stock seats (front and rear) sectioned and covered in faux alligator and beige vinyl
Dash: Painted PPG tan