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The Sultans Car Club Brings Together Diverse Group of Cars

It’s always quite a sight to see a bunch of splendid classics parked on the grass, especially at beautiful Signal Hill Park. It has been the site for all 26 of the Sultans Car Club’s car shows. This group, based in Long Beach, CA, has been around for over five decades! Today the club is still going strong these days with 30-plus members.

The day of the show the weather started off cool but warmed up soon and stayed sunny all day with temps in the 80s. That’s Southern California for ya. The perfect temperature and the setting provided the perfect backdrop to the collection of vehicles there.

One of the unique things about this park are the old, well maintained, odd variety of trees that provide shade for almost 200 pre-’75 cars. And on the man-made side, the best thing about this show is the diverse styles of cars, classics, bombs, street rods, trucks, customs, and hot rods. It’s a nice match.

As if that weren’t enough, you also had great live music courtesy of Johnny Rocket & the V-Twins. Plus a very tasty Sultans BBQ was available for attendees. On the vendor side you had a nice selection of 15 or so interesting booths lining the parking lot. The event also had a raffle, 50/50, and the “special” car awards included some that were handmade.

’52 Chevy Deluxe convertible
This awesome ’52 Chevy Deluxe convertible was dripping in black paint, and flawlessly accessorized. The sun shade beautifully camouflaged the fact this was a convertible. Billed as “The World’s Fastest MG”. Owner Keith Raphael built this ’61 MGA Roadster below with a 550 hp blown small block Chevy, a 5 speed Tremec, stout brakes, and racing seat belts. But the real fun is that it’s a roadster!

Insides of a ’52 Chevy Deluxe convertible SULTANS CAR CLUB’S CAR SHOW SULTANS CAR CLUB’S CAR SHOW

Johnny Rocket and the V-Twins
Johnny Rocket and the V-Twins played all day!
’71 Pontiac LeMans Sport.
Owner Dave Kanawah brought his very clean ’71 Pontiac LeMans Sport.
’59 Chevy Biscayne called “Bad Biscuit”
Ron Medina calls his detailed ’59 Chevy Biscayne “Bad Biscuit”.

Engine of ’59 Chevy Biscayne

’71 Dodge Challenger R/T
An original ’71 Dodge Challenger R/T with 340ci power owned by David & Kathy Stachovitz. Oh ya, it had to be Butterscotch color!

’71 Dodge Challenger R/T

 ’70 Dodge Dart Swinger
When Bob Perrine is not at car shows with his cool ’70 Dodge Dart Swinger, he’s using those huge rear tires to level out some asphalt!

 ’70 Dodge Dart Swinger

Smoooth ’53 Cadillac
A nicely chopped top, modified grille, and in the grass. Pat Lopez has been good to his smoooth ’53 Cadillac.

smoooth ’53 Cadillac

A little vintage 2-wheeled action.
A little vintage 2-wheeled action.
A unique handmade award.
A unique handmade award.
Sultans BBQ
Really, the Sultans BBQ was very tasty!

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the December 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.