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Sergeant Square: A Symbolic Beacon of Hope and Support

The Culmination of a Meaningful Project

The Street Trucks magazine team proudly presents Sergeant Square in its final form, ready to make a significant impact in the fight against veteran suicide. With precision, passion, and purpose, our team worked tirelessly to ensure every detail met the highest standards, all for a noble cause: Mission 22.

After careful assembly and fitment of our new American Chassis frame and LMC Truck body panels, Sergeant Square is really taking shape. The project reached a pivotal moment as it was left to the skilled hands of Shane Murphy and Dack at Street Dreams Paint and Body Shop. There, the truck underwent a final disassembly, preparing it for the transformative stages of paint and graphics.

The first item to tackle is the bed cover and vehicle graphics. The truck’s exterior boasted additional vinyl graphics, including a distorted American flag on the hood. This symbol represented resilience, echoing the strength of the veterans that Mission 22 strives to support. The truck bed received a special touch, a Pro’s Pick aluminum bed cover wrapped in black gloss vinyl, adorned with the names of sponsors and contributors. This gesture honored the support received throughout the project, turning Sergeant Square into a rolling canvas of gratitude.

Inside, Fesler USA’s new interior components were installed, elevating the cab to a realm of luxury and comfort. This included a new filberglass dashpad, doorpanels, headliner and custom bench seat. The black leather, fixed with gray plaid pattern, is a perfect touch.

Under the hood, Ididit Steering and Borgeson USA components ensured smooth handling, emphasizing safety alongside performance. New headers from Hedman Headers were added, promising enhanced engine efficiency and a resonant, powerful sound. We also took the time to bolt in our new headlights from Dapper Lighting, and wow, they are nice!

Sergeant Square stands not just as a truck but as a beacon of hope and support. Street Trucks magazine is honored to present this remarkable vehicle at SEMA, where it will serve as a testament to the collective effort poured into its creation. Mission 22’s representatives and all who contributed to this project will witness the fruition of their dedication before the truck embarks on its final mission: the Barrett-Jackson auction, where every dollar raised will aid Mission 22’s vital cause.

01. As we take it to the body shop, we want to remind you exactly how nice this truck is going to look when it’s done based on this rendering.
02. After dropping it off at Street dreams in Ocala Florida, Shane and the crew wasting no time disassembling all the body panels and freeing up the frame so we can start final assembly.
03. Before they could start laying down any paint, they needed to make a few modifications to the driver-side taillight in order to place this custom fuel filler bracket from LS Fab.
04. We also took the opportunity to install the frame-mounted battery rack and our amazing Wilwood brakes.
05. The frame fully assembled, we rolled it outside and took in the amazing view of a perfect street rod chassis.
06. With the paint laid and the clearcoat covering it, the graphics look amazing, and the Root Beer Pearl Street breaks up the two colors beautifully.
07. While the paint is drying, we dropped off our new custom billet badges to the powder-coater. These pieces came from Rad Machining, and they are like jewelry for this truck.
08. Pinstripe Mikey is at the shop waiting for us so he could add some additional touches that really make the truck stand out
09. New headlights from Dapper Lighting are now installed, and they are some of the nicest we’ve seen!
10. Roger was able to install the Pro’s Pick bed cover frame based on the instructions and with the freshly wrapped cover installed, it looks amazing!
11. The vinyl installer also added our Sergeant Square logo to the bedside and the distorted American flag on the hood.
12. Shawn Barlow from Twisted Artisan is an interior specialist, and he also happens to be a traveling interior installer. He spent three days at the shop making sure the amazing Fesler interior fit perfectly for its debut at SEMA.
13. And here we have it! Sergeant Square is fully assembled and looking amazing. We still have to wire the truck, but we will take care of that when we get back from SEMA.
14. Based on the rendering, we think we nailed it. This is about as close as you can get to matching a rendering as we’ve seen.
15. The details are stunning on this build and the more you look, the more you take in. This was a great design by Chris Stafford at Stafford’s Garage, and we’re happy to have these amazing results.