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Enderle Center Classic Car Show in Tustin, CA

The Sunday morning of the car show was threatening rain but that didn’t stop the hot rod, classic car and specialty car owners from their Enderle Center Classic Car Show in Tustin, CA.

The Enderle Center is always a comfortable place with new people arriving to join the regulars. This monthly event had a very nice turnout of about 160+ cars, notwithstanding the weather.

One of the special things about this show is the variety of cars. Everything from exquisite classic concourse cars to utilitarian military vehicles and traditional rods.

The center has five restaurants and a cute little coffee shop for you to enjoy while you check out the cars. They have opportunity drawings, and a 50/50 drawing. Under the clock tower, the winning cars are driven in front of the spectators one at a time to receive their awards. If you’re local to the area definitely stop by for a terrific time!


 ’29 Ford truck rod
This “Traditional” ’29 Ford truck rod is 400ci Chevy powered and the battery is housed in box in the bed. The owner is Chuck Cliff from Anaheim, CA.

 ’29 Ford truck rod  ’29 Ford truck rod

’13 Shelby Mustang
A real, road racing, ’13 Shelby Mustang driven by Frank Terrance of Irvine, CA.
’68 Camaro
This Gen I, ’68 Camaro does Auto Cross racing. Owner Mike Cuthbertson of Huntington Beach runs a LS2 Chevy for power.

’68 Camaro

’67 Chevy El Camino
A ’67 Chevy El Camino with a rare SS package w/396 motor. The owner is Fred Quintard of Tustin, CA.

’67 Chevy El Camino engine ENDERLE CLASSIC CAR SHOW

’63 Chevy Corvette Stingray
An original, legendary, ’63 Chevy Corvette Stingray. Owned by Tim Osborn from Costa Mesa, CA.
’13 Shelby Mustang GT500
“Team Shelby” member Ed Knight from Quakertown, PA brought his ’13 Shelby Mustang GT500.
12 Shelby Mustang
Another “Team Shelby” member Chris Eckert with his ’12 Shelby Mustang from Mission Viejo, CA.


A restored, 30', 1951 Spartanette Tandem
The star of the show, a restored, 30′, 1951 Spartanette Tandem, towed by a gorgeous 1947 Cadillac Limo, owned by Paul Geary of Tustin, CA.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the September 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.


Every Year Mooneyes Has an Open House

Since 1950, the famed Mooneyes logo has adorned more cars than any other in history and those two peeping eyes are still iconic.

The current and the original location for Mooneyes is Santa Fe Springs, CA and it’s there at this time every year Mooneyes has an open house. Owners of vintage rods, customs, race cars, and motorcycles come from all over to mix with other customers of this legendary auto parts and service supplier.

You have live music with the coolest cars and bikes rolling in all day, and Chico’s world famous hamburgers! What else do you really need? Imagination, creativity, ingenuity, attitude, and style were all there for everyone’s enjoyment. Hundreds of cars were bumper to bumper along both sides of Norwalk Blvd. The Mooneyes parking lot, the Café, and the shop across the street were packed with cars. Most of these vehicles are not seen at the usual car shows. Add to that some cool choppers to go with the entertainment and lots of ink and you have the perfect mix of artistic and automotive subcultures.

Mooneyes leaders Shige and Chico prepare for the event.
Mooneyes leaders Shige (L) and Chico prepare for the event. The crowd gathers by the burger joint.

Mooneyes Event Mooneyes Event Mooneyes Event Cars at Mooneyes Event

The Mooneyes dragster
The Mooneyes dragster was on-hand.
The original garage (now museum)
The original garage (now museum) has lots of interesting equipment to look at. Also see bottom photo.

From the original garage (now museum)

Dunn & Reath” AA/Fuel Dragster
The recently restored “Dunn & Reath” AA/Fuel Dragster (here and left).
(L-R) Allen Hall, Chico, Derek Bower & Pete Eastwood
(L-R) Allen Hall, Chico, Derek Bower & Pete Eastwood. Derek & Pete brought the “Dunn & Reath” dragster.

Car at Mooneyes event Cars at Mooneyes event Mooneyes Event

Across the street, the “Gonners” have started to move in.


‘65 Buick Riveria
This awesome ‘65 Buick Riveria has original 401 Buick “Nailhead” power. Owned by Lesiie Carlson.

‘65 Buick Riveria

’31 Ford 5 window coupe
This ’31 Ford 5 window coupe runs a dual quad fed small block Chevy. Owner Jason Ashley of Fullerton, CA also owns “In the Skin” tattoos.
39 Chevy 4 door “bomb”
A remarkable ’39 Chevy 4 door “bomb” owned by Cabriel Aragon of Whittier.
“Therapist” is a ’66 Ford van with 300ci 6 cyl Ford power
“Therapist” is a ’66 Ford van with 300ci 6 cyl Ford power. The owner is Tim Sutton.
’36 Ford 4-door sedan
A very rare ’36 Ford 4-door sedan convertible owned by Richard Sanchez of Whittier, CA.
Cisco Farias (L) with Chico.
Cisco Farias (L) with Chico.

Mooneyes Event Mooneyes Event Mooneyes Event Mooneyes Event

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the November 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.