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The Revolution in Shop Seating

The one shop seat that won’t bite you in the…

We’ve all used a plastic milk crate, a five-gallon bucket, or in the worst-case scenario, we just sat on the floor of the garage or the driveway while we were working on our car or truck.

Well, we can tell you those days of sitting on broken office chairs with one wheel missing is over, thanks to Vyper Industrial, manufacturers of the new wave of custom shop seats.

While at the SEMA show we were purveying the numerous vendors that were on hand and if any of you have had the chance to go to the SEMA show, you know that it involves a lot of walking. Especially for us automotive editors, we have to make as many contacts as possible while we’re there. That means miles of walking over a 3-day event. I get worn out just talking about it.

In the course of trekking through various buildings with our good friend and custom automotive builder Jimmyshine of Shine Speed Shop in Orange County our lower backs and tootsies (feet) were starting to give out. Just so happened we were right across the Vyper Industrial booth that had on display an array of comfortable looking shop seats Like a moth to a flame I ventured over, actually, I stumbled over and immediately sat down to relieve the pain in my back and was instantly surprised at the softness and the back support this chair provided. I didn’t want to get up.

Within minutes, I met Dylan Rusch (President) and his brother Dayne (CEO) who welcomed us to the world of Vyper Industrial. I asked them both, to tell me the story about these seats!

As it turned out their father Chris who had recently retired after selling their business Rusch Machine and Design was the mastermind of this savior of automotive backaches.

Rusch Machine and Design is a familiar name to many of you metal fabricators and you probably have seen these impressive sheet metal bending machines or most likely have used them in the course of performing custom metal work. Chris Rusch was the guy that made and sold them to shops all over the world.

The large caster wheels allowed for easy rolling over uneven surfaces and cracks

In 2020 during the height of the pandemic when most businesses were on the verge of collapse Chris Rusch being the master tinkerer, fabricator, and all-around mechanical genius that he is, created a chair for himself to use as a shop welding chair. He was looking for comfort and durability. During a holiday visit to their dad’s house Dylan and Dayne came across the metal chair on wheels and knew instantly they were on to something big.

With some minor adjustments, the Rusch family started making prototypes, and with the help of Dayne creating both an Instagram page and website it was starting to become a full-time business.

Operating out of their 5000sq ft. facility in  Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin the Rusch family was making shop seats under the name Vyper Industrial. In early 2021 with the growing demand for these industrial seats, they had to move into a larger facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which gives them the ability to manufacture accessories for the shop seats and create new product lines. The demand grew and continues to this day. Very cool Rusch family!


We were impressed with this new-age shop seat while at the SEMA Show and wanted to give it a test drive in the real world of automotive shops. We knew a shop that had one and we took a short drive to go check it out. When we got there, to our surprise, there were two young ladies learning the auto body trade. Steve Faist owner of the shop said they had a ‘67 Nova wagon on a huge rotisserie and working on the car’s undercarriage.

As we watched the ‘67 wagon get flipped on its side the girls went to work. We found out both were named Sarah. To avoid confusion they suggested we call one little Sarah and the other just Sarah. Prepping the undercarriage for paint means lots of work with wire brushes and can take a toll on your back.

This Vyper seat came with the optional cup holders and tool holder on the opposite side. A few things that were pointed out were the ease of rolling about the concrete outside with no difficulty. The large caster wheels allowed for easy rolling over uneven surfaces and cracks. We’ve all had problems with seats that have smaller wheels that bind up or break.

Vyper Industrial offers different height configurations and adjustment options to suit your specific needs. 
The innovative Vyper Industrial Lay-Down Creeper was recognized as the Best New Product Runner-Up at this years SEMA Show New Product Showcase.

After spending time with shop owner Steve, his son Gauge, Steve’s friend Josh, owner of the 67 Nova wagon, and the two Sarahs it was time to go. We packed up our photo gear and headed down the freeway.

What did we learn from this Vyper trip? One; this new seat is definitely a back saver and can handle any job indoors and out and we all want one…  and two; What’s the chance of running into two friends both named Sarah?

Happy trails, little campers!

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