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2023 Gift-Giving Guide for Truck Enthusiasts

Street Trucks’ 2023 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, as is the stress of figuring out what to buy for others. More importantly, it’s also prime time to fine tune and finalize your own gift wish list. That’s right—there’s nothing wrong with asking Santa or your significant others and kids for something nice for yourself or, better yet, your project truck. Remember, it’s also 100% OK to treat yourself during this very special time. Don’t let any grinches out there tell you any differently! 

Buying and receiving gift cards is acceptable, but allow us to help point you in the direction of much more meaningful and thoughtful gift ideas. From useful personal items to a brand-new set of wheels or a high-end custom chassis system, we’ve collected a grouping of goods that anyone would love to find waiting for them underneath the tree. Sure, a long-to-shortbed conversion kit is a pretty specific item to buy for someone, but surely you must know somebody out there who has been saving up to buy one all year long. Do something nice and surprise that person with one or maybe even a pair of brand-new hood hinges or a cool all-purpose knife.

What we’re trying to say is that gift giving is a love language that will benefit everyone on your shopping list during the holiday season. Follow along and check out the batch of new products we have hand-selected for your consideration. Each one is sure to make the truck junkies in your circle smile big this year.

01. Jalapeno Two-Piece Forged Wheel 

Add some spice to your life with these two-piece billet wheels from US Mags. Part of the new Street Heat wheel lineup, the Jalapeno is a ’90s inspired hot-rod style wheel that is available in 17-inch through 28-inch diameter sizes for the perfect fit on mini-trucks as well as late-model and classic full-size pickups and SUVs. Custom offsets and finishes are available, as well as five other wheel selections within the Street Heat collection.

US Mags Wheels

02. Kicker Bullfrog BF100 Bluetooth Music System 

You may already have a trusty Bluetooth speaker, but it probably doesn’t offer the features Kicker’s Bullfrog BF100 has. First off, this unit has four speakers wired into it, along with 16 watts of power! The Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet allows for you to float free from the speaker without having to sacrifice function. Speaking of floating, the speaker is also waterproof—not water resistant. Take it to the lake or pool without worrying about it falling in the water and shorting out. To enjoy even better sound quality, download Kicker’s Connect app to take advantage of a five-band equalizer and volume control to better tune it to your ear.

Kicker Audio

03. Slidebar 

The Slidebar stereo for 1967-1972 Chevy trucks features a classic analog face that disappears to show a digital radio, offering the ultimate in classic style with modern functions. The Slidebar boasts a digital tuner with 300 watts of power, a USB port, a CD changer controller, and built-in Bluetooth capability. This unit is also the only in-dash radio that Custom Autosound offers with a subwoofer pre-out and a customizable multi-color display. Installation is simple as the Slidebar radio fits into the stock dash location without any modifications required.

Custom Autosound Mfg.

04. MTX400VP3 MicroMobile Bundle 

Boost your MXT400 performance to the max with this powerful package that features the 40-watt MXT400 MicroMobile two-way radio, antenna mounting bracket, antenna cable, and 3dB gain ghost antenna. This bundle has everything you need to boost your communication to new levels while out on the trails.


05. Kinetic Hood Hinges 

Available for ’55-’59 and ’67-’72 Chevy truck applications, Eddie Motorsports’ Kinetic hood hinges feature a more custom machined window design for enthusiasts looking to show off stronger visual appeal. These babies are CNC machined to perfection in the USA from high-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum and function with the enhanced help of nitrogen-filled gas struts and sealed bearings. Treat your truck to new, better looking hood hinges that will deliver a smoother operation that you’ll fall in love with. These hinge kits are available in a machined or polished finish or choose from Eddie’s selection of custom Fusioncoat colors.

Eddie Motorsports

06. AERO6-DM Front Brake Kit

This direct-mount front brake kit for 2010-2018 Ford F-150 models provides better holding power and more thermal capacity for high-demand highway use, including towing and hauling. The components used are engineered for direct mounting on stock knuckles and eliminate the need for additional brackets, which makes the kit more affordable. Forged aluminum AERO6-DM 6-piston calipers deliver increased clamping force and are compatible with OEM rear brakes, master cylinder, and onboard computer systems. If your truck is equipped with 17-inch or larger diameter wheels, this braking kit is designed to fit your application.


07. C10 and K5 Blazer Chassis Systems 

TCI has designed multiple chassis setups for ’63-’87 C10 and ’69-’72 K5 Blazer models. Those who are looking to go as low as possible with their project will be able to lay frame with the Grounded system, and builders hoping to whip around the track will be able to get their kicks in with the Pro Touring frame. Both options are laser cut and jig-welded for the utmost precision and strength, and they feature widened front frame rails to allow more room for headers and upgraded steering components. The narrowed rear allows for outboard-mounted shocks and wider tires, and the 12-piece center section will stay ultra-rigid no matter how much horsepower and torque are applied to it. While many optional add-on parts are available, all TCI chassis come standard with a complete Currie 9-inch differential including 31 spline axles with your choice of gearing.

Total Cost Involved

08. Made-4-You T-Clamp Kits 

Clean up your brake lines, cables, and more with these handy-dandy clamp kits from Lokar. Molded from nylon, these will not fade or stain and will withstand contact with all automotive fluids. These are truly built for the long haul. Each kit contains a variety of T-clamps designed to keep your lines in place and includes stainless steel hardware that comes packaged in a convenient plastic storage case.


09. Rear Flip Kit 

Available for most 1967-2010 GMC and Chevy trucks, Western Chassis’ rear flip kit can drop the rear 5 to 8 inches by relocating the rear axle to the top of the leaf springs. Each kit comes with 3/8-inch plate axle relocator saddles, fresh U-bolts, six-hole plates, and all the fasteners required for successful installation. Visit Western Chassis’ website or give customer service a call to order the exact kit you’ll need to slam your truck with the quickness.

Western Chassis

10. JDM Electric Oil Pressure Gauge 

Avoid excessive damage to your truck’s engine by keeping better tabs on oil pressure with this 52mm accessory gauge from Prosport. It features a fully programmable warning feature that allows for much safer, worry-free operation. This is especially valuable when your truck is out on the track. Choose from two color choices and install with ease with the included wire harness and mounting base.

Prosport Performance

11. Bradford Knives 

The Guardian 3.5 sheepsfoot knife (top) is a great working tool that is ideal for compact carry yet comfortable for extended periods of duty. The sheepsfoot blade offers a flatter cutting edge for better slicing, and the rounded tip allows for a safer working end. The Guardian 5.5 (bottom) offers improved grip and better security than the Guardian 5. Whether you are working or traveling, either of these knife options are great tools to have while camping, hiking, or enjoying other outdoor adventures.

Bradford Knives

12. Cruiser Collection: Saddle Brown Vinyl Seating

TMI Products has recently introduced the Saddle Brown vinyl into its insanely popular, budget friendly Cruiser Collection lineup. The front buckets are offered in two distinct styles: the Cruiser Pro-Classic and Cruiser Low Back. The former selection (pictured) features moderate bolstering with a slightly wider design, which makes them a great fit for trucks and larger vehicles. The latter seats (not pictured) are engineered with much more aggressive bolstering to keep you planted for hours of comfortable excitement. Fans of bench seating will dig the 55- or 60-inch Cruiser bench that boasts a split-back design for easy access to the rear seat or storage area behind them. All three of these seat options are designed with a universal fitment to adapt with most vehicles, including the truck you’re either driving or building.

TMI Products

13. Long-to-Shortbed Frame Conversion

Designed for ’63-’72 Chevy C10 longbed trucks, this shortbed conversion kit will give you everything you’ll need to successfully shorten your truck’s longbed frame with basic hand tools that you probably already have in your home garage. This kit does require welding to finish the conversion, but with the included steel inner braces, you’ll be able to safely transport your truck to an experienced welder if need be. Don’t wait any longer to get the wheelbase you truly want.

Performance Online

14. Polished Serpentine Kit

All American Billet’s serpentine kits are a great way to clean up any engine compartment. Made in the USA, these packages come standard with high-quality accessories. The brackets are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, and they’re offered in your choice of a machined, polished the company’s exclusive Silverline Series finish. Choose from two different pulley styles—classic (with no holes or cutouts) or original (with triangular cutouts). Further customize your serpentine kit with an optional Flex Fan option instead of an electric fan, standard slotted or smooth classic design pulleys, and more.

All American Billet

15. M-102 Series Gauges

This ’73-’87 GM Squarebody dash kit just won the Goodguys People’s Choice Best New Product for 2023, and it’s now available to include in your very own truck project. Reignite the timeless charm of the ’70s and ’80s with New Vintage USA’s NVU M-102 Series dash, which is a groundbreaking leap into the combination of retro inspiration and modern engineering. This Detroit-built kit includes all mounting hardware and senders, and features an easy wiring design.

New Vintage USA

16. Viair 444C Dual Performance Value Pack 

This budget friendly, highly convenient dual pack features two 444C compressors with the newly developed head assembly with patent pending intercooler head, which are each capable of a maximum 200 psi with 100% duty cycle. This compressor pack can power a full air suspension system with power to spare and is available in an optional chrome or stealth black finish. Find this dual pack in stock and ready to ship before the holidays!

Low Rider Depot

17. Five-Way Adjustable Tilt Premium Steering Column Kit

The Classic Fit premium columns are designed as direct bolt-ins for specific cars and trucks. These feature the appropriate length and mounting locations, four-way flasher, and wiring installation, and are available in satin black or chrome finish for Ford F-100 and Bronco models along with C10 applications in OE length or 1.5-inch shorter measurements.

Classic Performance Products


6 Essential Automotive Tools for Your Car

Check out these amazing new automotive tools:



Improve the handling, styling and braking capacity on your 1973-1987 Chevy/GMC C10 pickups with Wilwood’s 2.50” drop ProSpindle and disc brake upgrade kits. Your 1963-1972 models that have been updated with the later model ball joints are covered too. A safer, sturdier and more lightweight alternative, ProSpindles feature forged aluminum bolt-on steering arms and forged aluminum knuckles with fortified caliper mounting bosses for the full range of Superlite and Aerolite disc brake kit options. The modular late model style bearing and hub assembly is multi-pattern drilled to accommodate both the 5 on 4.75” and 5 on 5.00” wheel lug mount patterns.

Wilwood’s 2.50” drop ProSpindle and disc brake upgrade kit



Aeromotive has an all-new belt-drive EFI regulator, now with -12 ports. The new regulator, part number 13137, is designed for use with both a belt and a hex-drive fuel pump. It has two AN-12 ports and an AN-12 return port, along with dual springs that expand operating pressure range while maintaining a low profile and reduced weight. The standard spring (installed) supports a 30-75 psi base, while the high-pressure spring (included) supports a 75-120 psi base. The regulator supports a 1:1 vacuum and boost reference.

Aeromotive's belt-drive EFI regulator



Swapping an overdrive manual transmission into a classic hot rod or musclecar is a smart way to increase fuel economy and improve highway drivability. Problem was, those transmissions are pretty chunky, so the swap involved a lot of hacking and fabrication.

McLeod’s new Musclecar 5 five-speed changes all that. It provides that all-important overdrive gear in a smaller, more compact package. The case is small enough to fit nicely inside most transmission tunnels, which virtually eliminates expensive or tricky modifications.

The Musclecar 5 has synchronized 8620 forged gears that allow the transmission to handle up to 500 ft.-lbs. of torque. The Musclecar 5 features a 2.95 first and 0.63 fifth gear, ideally suited for street cars. An internal rail shifter delivers quick, smooth, actuate shifting, and the transmission uses the common GM 32-spline output shaft—identical to a GM TH-400. Get it through Summit.

The Musclecar 5

Summit racing


Total Control Products patented line of high performance center-take-off rack and pinions enables correct geometry and a level of positive, direct steering that is not possible with adapted OEM units. Both manual and power versions feature quick ratio, straightcut gears, requiring only three turns lock-to-lock. The unique modular design utilizes an assortment of mounting brackets and centerlinks to adapt to various classic Ford/Mercury vehicles including Mustangs, Cougars, Falcons, Comets and Rancheros.


Total control products


This kit comes with all you need to install a 6R80 transmission in any 79-98 Mustang/Cobra. At the core of the kit is Stifflers single tube crossmember. Add to that a set of adjustable bolt-on mounting brackets that allow the optimum placement of the crossmember with no  modifications required. Top all that off with a custom designed multi-adjustable transmission mount with integrated polyurethane bushing and you have the 6R80 Install Kit!




Vintage Air has released its all-new ProLine Louver Balls for 1965-1977 GM cars and trucks equipped with factory air. These CNC-machined billet aluminum louver balls are drop-in replacements for the round factory vents and replace the plastic originals. The new GM ProLine Louver Balls are precision CNC machined from T-6061 billet aluminum and come in the factory 3.050-inch diameter. They deliver maximized air flow and stylistic designs that will complement your stock dash and are multi-directional, rotating with ease within the aluminum bezel.

Vintage Air's ProLine Louver Balls

Vintage air


Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the December 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.

ZERO REGRETS | A Classic ’64 Cadillac Gets Brought Up to Speed

Cadillac has always been the highest standard of American automotive excellence. If you own and drive a classic or showroom-new Cadillac, you’re waltzing through high cotton and enjoying the good life. Cadillac Coupe DeVille dates back to 1949 during those first post-war boom years when America was on the rise and euphoria was in abundance. The U.S. and its allies had won the war and the only way was up. With that rush of excitement were jobs, cash flow and high-end domestic luxury cars.

Apolo’s motivation here isn’t your grandpa’s land yacht DeVille sporting a stodgy cast-iron 429-ci pushrod V-8 and Rochester four-jet carburetion. This is not only about technology, but a desire to build a cruiser you could pilot anywhere in the country.”

1964 Cadillac Cadillac Coupe DeVille OEM headlights on a Cadillac Coupe DeVille

“DeVille” is French for “of the town,” an exquisite ride to be seen in with a massive front bumper and sea of chrome plating that arrived before you did. From 1949-58, the Cadillac DeVille was a glorious big-finned road-going vessel that exuded a commanding presence on the American highway. In 1959-60, DeVille became an incredibly massive wide body with a slippery and overwhelming fin treatment not seen since MISSING TEXT HERE. For 1961, the redesigned DeVille was fresh with a subtle treatment more in line with what was popular in the ’60s. The 1961-64 DeVille really was the last finned Cadillac.

A custom Olympic-themed Dakota Digital instrument cluster machined from billet aluminum excites the senses. We just can’t stop looking at it!

White interior on a Cadillac Coupe

Olympic speed skater and television personality Apolo Anton Ohno has a passion for classic Cadillacs. When he spied this ’64 Coupe DeVille convertible, he understood quickly that his fate was sealed and he had a duty to the breed. Once he had the title in hand, there would be no escaping the dreamy ride he had planned for himself.

It would have to retain the DeVille’s distinctive lines, yet be an edgy work of art. He interviewed the best top ten restoration/custom shops in the country, making the decision to turn his DeVille drop top over to Dave Kindig of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City for a little rework time.

The Ramjet 502 from GM Performance yields real street power from electronic fuel injection, a hot hydraulic roller cam and generous port and valve sizing. GM’s heavy-duty 4L80E automatic overdrive gives the 502 an edge under hard acceleration, yet low rpm cruise on the open road. And when it’s time to dance, the 502 steps up with unwieldy amounts of torque.

Apolo’s motivation here isn’t your grandpa’s land yacht DeVille sporting a stodgy cast-iron 429-ci pushrod V-8 and Rochester four-jet carburetion. This is not only about technology, but a desire to build a cruiser you could pilot anywhere in the country. Beneath the bonnet is GM Performance’s own fuel-injected, plug-and-play Ramjet 502 fat-block for displacement, power and durability. The Ramjet 502 big-block commands our respect thanks to a 4.470 x 4.000-inch bore and stroke, steel crank and forged steel connecting rods, forged pistons, hot hydraulic roller cam, 2.250/1.880-inch valves in lightweight aluminum heads and HEI ignition. Call the Ramjet 502 real Chevy muscle in a tuxedo. This zero regrets Caddy DeVille demonstrates what happens when luxury meets an extraordinary level of creativity.


1964 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertible

OWNER: Apolo Anton Ohno

BUILDER: Kindig-It Design Salt Lake City, UT

FRAME: Factory original steel boxed and smooth

SUSPENSION: Air Ride Technologies custom rear trailing arms

BRAKES: Six-piston Wilwood 16 ½-inch disc brakes

WHEELS: Custom Curtis Speed 22-inch resembling 17-inch with wide white whitewalls

TIRES: Pirelli 265/35/22

ENGINE: GM Performance Ramjet 502 big-block, deburred castings, 4.470 x 4.000-inch bore/stroke, cast-iron block with a Aluminum GM Performance heads, 2.250/1.880-inch intake/exhaust valves, GM Performance hydraulic roller camshaft, EFI, custom one-off charge tube valve covers, Billet Specialties True Trac accessory drive with twin 145-amp alternators, Flowmaster mufflers, runs on 92-octane pump gas

TRANSMISSION: GM 4L80E with GM removable carrier rear axle

BODY & PAINT: PPG custom urethane paint, one-off mirrors, Kindig smooth custom door handles, custom exterior trim

INTERIOR: Shop: JS Custom Interiors/California Audio Custom Keyston Brothers white leather, Vintage Air climate control system, Creative Controls electronic parking brake, Steele Rubber soft parts, Hydro-Electric convertible top, New Relics window glass, Kinetik batteries, Dakota Digital gauges Olympic Ring pattern, Kicker sound system


1990 Chevrolet Named ROBERT E. LEE

Here Comes the Calvary a 1990 Chevrolet Named ROBERT E. LEE

In 1997, Barrett Stewart was injected with a custom truck virus when a few friends asked him to hang out one weekend. It only took one experience in the laid back lifestyle we enthusiasts all know and love to get Barrett hooked. Over the years, he bought and sold a few of the industry’s most well known rides, but this latest one is special, and it may not go anywhere anytime soon. Barrett had some previous custom truck owner experience with his first truck, a ’94 GMC Sonoma known as “Sweet as Candy,” which was featured in Mini Truckin magazine back in ’97. Next on his list of good looking rides was a ’96 Chevy S-10 Blazer two-door called “Double Exposure.” That build was also featured in Mini Truckin. Lastly, his third custom truck was a ’99 Chevrolet Tahoe four-door named “816 Hours” in a past Street Trucks article. This is the truck that began the OBS obsession for Barrett. 

1990 Chevrolet

“This truck had a great start from previous owner, Brian Baird, and I was lucky enough to buy the truck and see a vision of how he envisioned it complete,” Barrett says.

Body-dropped on 24-inch wheels was the goal, and previous owner Brian was the man making the mods to the metal.

Body mods on this amazing truck include a chopped top roof, a Goodmark Steel SS Ram air hood, Hart front inner fenders, shaved fuel door and a steel roll pan.

The factory frame rails were notched for tie rods and stock floor body dropped using 2×4-inch square tubing. A custom four-link suspension with a Panhard bar and pinion snubber mounts up to the factory rear end that is loaded with Moser Axles and 3.73 Auburn limited slip gears. The front end hardware was swapped out for Michigan Metal Works upper and lower control arms, airbags and an Airlift 3H air management system. This gave Barrett the ability to lay body on 24×9-inch front and 24×12-inch Raceline Status 6 wheels. The Delinte DS8 tire sizes are 255/35/24 up front and 305/35/24 in the rear. A rear disc brake conversion with a Wilwood Master cylinder and stainless braided brake lines give this truck plenty of stopping power.

Custom door panel on a 1990 ChevroletBlue 1990 Chevrolet OBSThe truck is LS swapped using a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3-Liter LS, A Comp Cams “Big Mutha Thumper” cam, a Be Cool aluminum radiator, Edelbrock coil pack covers, Boost brothers mid length headers and 3-inch spin tech mufflers. LS1 engine dress up accessories and an Edelbrock Pro flow EFI conversion wrapped up the engine mods. A 2002 GM 4L80E transfers the power to the rear axles.

Body mods on this amazing truck include a chopped top roof, a Goodmark Steel SS Ram air hood, Hart front inner fenders, shaved fuel door and a steel roll pan. There’s also a shaved roof drip rail, shaved third brake light, shaved stake pockets and shaved tailgate handle. All the amazing bodywork was performed by Kevin Fulmer Shadetree Customs Pomaria, SC. The color is Toyota Cavalry Blue with Toyota Cement Gray graphics. All paint and graphics were also completed by Kevin Fulmer at Shadetree customs.

A few events that this killer truck can be seen at include the Battle in Bama ‘Million Dollar Row,’ East Tennessee Showdown, Drop Em Wear show, Mini Truckin’ Nationals and more. 

Edelbrock coil pack covers on a 1990 ChevroletA few events that this killer 1990 Chevrolet C1500 truck can be seen at include the Battle in Bama “Million Dollar Row,” East Tennessee Showdown, Drop Em Wear show, Mini Truckin’ Nationals and more.

“With the help of great friends and amazing family my vision became reality. Thanks to my extended family in Relaxed Atmosphere for always being there to give support or ideas” Barrett says.


Barrett Stewart
1990 Chevrolet C1500
Location: Laurens SC
Club affiliation: Relaxed Atmosphere
Occupation: Owner of Superior Auto
Cost of 1990 Chevrolet: $9,000
Date of original Purchase: October 2017
Cost of Build-up:  $25,000
How long from build date to completion: 3 years


  • Factory frame notched for tie rods and stock floor body drop
  • 2×4 square tubing performed by Brian Baird
  • Custom four-link suspension with a Panhard bar and pinion snubber
  • Factory rear end with Moser Axles 3.73 auburn limited slip
  • Michigan Metal Works upper and lower control arms
  • Airlift 3H air management system


  • 24×9 front and 24×12 rear Raceline Status 6 wheels
  • 255/35/24 front and 305/35/24 rear Delinte DS8 tires
  • Rear disc brake conversion
  • Wilwood master cylinder
  • Stainless braided brake lines
  • Aluminum RCI 15 gallon


  • 2002 Chevrolet 5.3 LS
  • COMP CAM Big Mutha Thumper cam
  • Be Cool aluminum radiator
  • LS1 accessories
  • Edelbrock coil pack covers
  • Boost brothers mid length headers
  • 3-inch spin tech mufflers
  • Edelbrock Pro flow
  • 2002 GM 4L80E 3200 stall


  • Chop topped
  • Stock floor body Dropped 3.5-inch
  • Goodmark Steel SS Ram air hood
  • Hart front inner fenders
  • Stock front bumper and steel roll pan rear
  • Shaved fuel door
  • LMC factory replacement with beam tech LED bulbs
  • Hart Fabrication wheel tubs
  • Shaved roof drip rail, shaved third brake light, shaved stale pockets, shaved tailgate handle, shaved fuel door and molded roll pan
  • Bodywork by Kevin Fulmer, Shadetree Customs in Pomaria, SC
  • Toyota Cavalry Blue paint polor
  • Toyota Cement Gray graphics
  • Paint and graphics by Kevin Fulmer, Shadetree Customs


  • Dakota Digital VHX gauge cluster
  • Custom wrapped panels in leather
  • Interior done by Jason Mode and crew at New Creations in Lattimore, NC
  • Chris Snowden bench seat in gray distressed leather
  • Forever Sharp steering wheel
  • Pioneer double din, sony 6.5-inch component set, four JL Audio 8W0 subs, JL Audio Slash 300/4 and JL Audio Slash 500/1 amps
  • Audio by Superior Auto in Laurens, SC

“Thanks to David at Coys wheel, Raceline Wheels, Dunbar Auto Supply, Jeff Smith at Colorworx paint shop, Delinte tires, Kevin and Kory Fulmer at Shadetree Customs, Ronnie at Lowrider Depot, all my guys at Superior Auto, Andrew White at Mainstreet Auto Detailing, Jason Mode at New Creations, Hart Fabrication, Keith and Tommy Allewine at TKM Customs, and most importantly my wife Nikki and or two amazing boys, Rett and Eli.”


Chevy Camaro | Sikkwip

There’s a reason why everyone loves an old-school Chevy Camaro. You can talk about the history, its status as a muscle car, the technical aspects and so forth; but when you get down to it, a lot of it is the classic body design. It looks simply badass, like an ideal brought to life. And when a true enthusiast loves the car and is willing to put his resources and time into the project, what he gets when it’s complete is no longer a mode of transportation but a work of art, an expression of beauty.

Chevy Camaro
Paint by The Hot Rod Shop’s Derek Carlson. House of Kolor Gloss Black with Satin Black stripes.
Interior on a Chevy Camaro
Wheels are 18-inch Rushforth Rated X. They’re wrapped in Nitto 555Rs: 265 for the front and 335 for rear.

Black Chevy Camaro

Owner Bret Ervin is one of those dedicated Chevy Camaro fans. He was raised in an automotive family. In fact, he had a couple of uncles who raced stock cars in Monterey, California. One was NASCAR driver Tim Williamson, who was active in the late ’70s. With that type of influence around you how could you not be a car guy? This garage-built car takes an already desirable make and model and turns it into what many of us would want in our dream garage. What better way to kick off our new “Reader Rides” series than with this Sikkwip.

All emblems were shaved and the bumpers painted to match the body.


  • Under this Chevy Camaro hood you’ll find a 383 stroker connected to a 4L60E paddle shift transmission.
  • All XRP plumbing.
  • Suspension is by Chassisworks on Air Ride.
  • Wilwood 13-inch brakes.
  • The interior is leather and suede with a mono steering wheel and an ididit tilt column.
  • The stereo system consists of an Alpine head unit and JL Audio speakers.
  • Other features include Auto Meter gauges, a Lokar shifter and Vintage Air front drive.


Paint and body by The Hot Rod Shop

Interior by Roman’s Interior

Assembly by Jake Moreno

Text by Drive Staff Photos by Studio5 Photography