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28th Street Metro Cruise at Grand Rapids

PETE CHAPOURIS January 01, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

Annual 28th Street Metro Cruise at Grand Rapids, Michigan 

In August my wife Carol and I, following our own lead, did a re-visit to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area for the 12th Annual 28th Street Metro-Cruise. We had such a great time last year we  made arrangements with our host and SO-CAL Speed Shop dealer Steve Sturim (of Steve’s Antique Auto Repair, Wyoming, MI) to attend the 2016 event.

The Metro Cruise started as a way to draw attention to 28th Street, with the opening of the M6 highway. The real concern was 28th Street would become a ghost town with the local traffic bypass. This event showcases the area and local businesses. The business folk there have learned to embrace the Cruise, and even produce their own events in conjunction with it. A win-win-win for the parties involved, especially the car crowd.

Marge Wilson, owner of Marge’s Donut Den, behind my wife Carol and our hosts Missy and Steve Sturim
World famous Marge Wilson, owner of Marge’s Donut Den, behind my wife Carol and our hosts Missy and Steve Sturim, enjoying all things delicious!
’72 Hugger Orange chopped C-10 step side Chevy pickup
A great shot of Shawn Bowers of Rockford, MI, next to the family-owned ’72 Hugger Orange chopped C-10 step side Chevy pickup. The truck was purchased new by his dad and has been a hot rod all its life.

The event produces some pretty impressive numbers. A whopping 275,000 to 300,000 visitors, if you can believe that, descend on 28th Street in Wyoming and Kentwood, Michigan to view over 15,000 classic cars. It’s really mind-boggling! That’s impressive by anyone’s count—more so when you consider that the event officially runs for only two days.

The cruise is a laid-back event with plenty of room for everyone and the schedule is unbelievable. It’s crazy-cool and the support from business leaders such as Marge Wilson, owner of “Marge’s Donut Den”, and our pal Steve Sturim, is what makes this type of event successful. It’s a ground swell that works from the “inside out”. Of course the other ingredient is a well-run police department. They show friendly control and in turn gets major respect from the attendees, something I really appreciate from both sides.

Candy green chopped ’54 Bel Air hardtop Chevy
On a side trip to Grand Haven we visited with Jake and Tami Moomey who were spending the show weekend at the beach with the proper gear: a vintage aluminum trailer and a candy green chopped ’54 Bel Air hardtop Chevy…ya baby!
Steve Sturim of Steve’s Antique Auto Repair
With pal Steve Sturim of Steve’s Antique Auto Repair. Steve and fellow Relix Car Club members, all the volunteers and sponsors do an unbelievable job of organizing one of the largest collector car events in the world.

Even though it was a quick trip, and the show was a major time consumer, we were able to enjoy a pre-party BBQ at Steve’s shop and yet another BBQ at Mike Boerema’s Gas Axe Garage in Allendale, MI. By the way, the guys in the Relix Car Club were all over the place showing off some incredible cars and helping out whenever called upon.

On Sunday, Steve and Mike took a few friends to the Lake Michigan shore; our destination was a worthy one: a BBQ/beer restaurant. You know when I think of great BBQ it’s either Missouri or Texas—if that’s what you think also, then you’d be wrong! Go see for yourself.

The Snug Harbor Restaurant at the beach in Grand Haven, MI is stunning and like I said last year, “I’m in for another trip to the shore. Maybe we’ll get invited back.” Well, we were and it was fantastic!

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the December 2016 print issue of the Drive Magazine.

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