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The 50th L.A. Roadster Show

Roger Rohrdanz October 13, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

[The 50th L.A. Roadster Show]

Roadsters came from all over America to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the L.A. Roadster Show. Referred to as “The Largest Roadster Show on Earth,” it’s clear when you’re at the event that this is much more than a local or regional get-together. It’s become a Father’s Day tradition that draws enthusiasts and casual fans alike from near and far.

There were an unbelievable 950-plus roadsters in Southern California even a week before the event opened. Drivers and their rides travel early to spend time with friends and visit local hot rod shops and hang-outs, and to go to special picnics created just for roadster fans. The weekend show began on Friday, June 13, 2014 with the move-in day for the vendors, sponsors and many of the show cars. All roadsters enter free, roadster owners get a free barbecue dinner, and on Sunday, they receive a custom pewter mug. Kudos to the organizers for managing a show of this size so smoothly.

The main event for the spectators began on Saturday and continued through Sunday. Aside from the roadsters there were at least 2,200 hot rods in the Specialty parking area. You do the math; the total number of vehicles was astonishing.

The huge swap meet is also a rite of passage. It’s inexpensive to rent a spot and spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. It’s so large, a tram service runs during show hours from one end of the event to the other. Sell all that leftover stuff from your last project, or buy some stuff for your next build.

The club has a long history, and back in the ’60s, Dick Bergren wanted to be in the L.A. Roadsters Club so badly, he traded his ’32 three-window coupe for a roadster. He and his flamed black ’32 roadster have now been members for 50 years. The club is comprised of 11 Life members, 19 Associate members and five Honorary members. Club members, their wives, family members and friends volunteer to run the entire show and swap meet, and they do a fantastic job. For anyone into roadsters, or for that matter, any big-time car show, this is one of those that you must attend. See you at the 51st.

Larry Wood towed his ’51 Spartan fifth wheel with his ’38 Ford COE. Beats a hotel room.
Unfortunately, Greg Southworth of Bloomer, WI didn’t have the hood open on his ’29 Ford roadster.

This original ’66 Pontiac GTO belongs to Bobby Eidem from Placentia, CA.

Some of the cars in the specialty parking area

An awesome ’50 Chevy fastback (also on page 34) has a 3-inch chop, a small-block Chevy and pinstriped flames. The owner is Richie Valles of Irvine, CA.

View of the track-nosed ’29 Ford roadster (see page 34) owned by Gary Meadors, a member of Danville Dukes and Goodguys, who drove in from Alamo, CA.
The Ardun-equipped flathead isn’t the only cool thing on this Deuce roadster, check out the artillery hubcaps on the yellow wire wheels.

John Hall belongs to Motor City Hot Rods and drove his cool ’27 Ford roadster pickup out here from Saginaw, MI.

Coachbuilder Steve Moal of Moal Inc.
Bob Sage’s beautiful ’28 Ford roadster from Huntington Beach, CA. Check out the wheels.

Roadsters from The Jokers car club
Representatives from the Bay Area Roadsters car club


The Brizio guys lined up their roadsters.

The spectator count was noticeably high.
There were almost as many vehicles at the show as attendees.

The humongous swap meet had something for everybody.


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