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The 56th Annual March Meet

Roger Rohrdanz October 08, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

A Drag Race and More

The 56th Annual March Meet was a huge four-day event held at the Auto Club Raceway at Famoso, in Bakersfield, California, filled with nitro-burning Funny Cars, Dragsters and hot rods of all types. But there is more to the March Meet than drag racing. From parties to clothing, automotive treasures to manufacturer’s midway, there is something for everyone at the March Meet. The Original Roadhouse Grill on Rosedale Highway hosted the March Meet Kick-off Party. Festivities started at 6 p.m. and went till whenever. Fans were able to mingle with the racers and hot rods while enjoying food and drinks.

Once at the Famoso racetrack there was no need to wander outside the gates to have a euphoric experience. Past parties thrown in the pits and in the campgrounds have been of epic proportions. Fire up a fuel car at 2 a.m.? Sure, no noise ordinance or curfew here. The rock band Great White performing on a temporary stage complete with giant amps and light show? Been there. Done that. You never know what will happen during the evening. It’s definitely something you want to put on your itinerary if you’re looking for the whole March Meet experience.

Tequila Sunrise.

Vendors from far and wide made the journey to the show. Hundreds of vendors lined manufacturer’s row offering products ranging from crate motors, T-shirts, rims, tools, chassis as well as a wide range of products geared towards the ladies. No matter how many times you walk up and down the manufacturer’s row, you’re sure to discover something new.

In The Grove behind the grandstands, the beautiful show-n-shine cars stretched the length of the track. The rat/vintage rodders occupied their usual spot at the end of the grandstands. The weather was perfect for the Hot Rod Heritage Series season opener where 500-plus racers, competed in 14 classes. The show also included two awesome jet cars!

Drag racing celebrities on-hand included, Ron Capps, Art Chrisman, Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen, Richard Blake, Wayne King, Bob Muravez, Del Worsham, Robert Hight, John Force, Gary Densham, Dave Wallace Jr. and many others.

A/Fuel: Ryan Davenport from Alberta, Canada (far lane), ran a 6.196 E.T. at 218.55 mph beating Kin Bates’ 7.282 E.T. at 207.21 mph.
Nostalgia Top Fuel: Tony Bartone of New York (near lane) ran a 5.623 E.T. at 262.13 mph to take home the Top Fuel trophy (again) after beating Rick White of San Diego’s 5.715 E.T. at 252.52 mph in a great final Sunday afternoon.
Top Fuel winner Tony Bartone.
Top Fuel runner-up Rick White.

Nostalgia Funny Car: The Pedaler (near lane) masterfully driven by James Day of San Juan Capistrano, CA, ran a 5.883 E.T. at 228.31 mph to beat the quicker Dan Horan’s 5.726 E.T. at 255.19 mph.

The War Horse (left) and the Pedaler with their laundry out.
7.0 Pro: Richard High of Lake Havasu City, AZ (near lane), ran a 7.147 E.T. on a 7.0 index to beat Denney’s 7.198 E.T. in the final round.
Junior Fuel winner Wayne Ramey, of Simi Valley, CA (near lane), survived the final round when Don Enriquez went red and Ramey ran a 7.073 E.T. at 187.11 mph for the win.
A/Gas 7.60 index winner (near lane) Brian Rogers, 7.597 E.T. Runner-up Chris Beanes, 7.590 E.T.
B/Gas 8.60 index winner (far lane) Cliff Boyles, 8.591 E.T. Runner-up M. Boss, 8.638 E.T.
C/Gas 9.60 index winner (far lane) Todd Lindgren, 9.601 E.T. Runner-up Neal Westbrook, 9.597 E.T.
D/Gas 10.60 index winner (far lane) Sam Tucker ,10.580 E.T. Runner-up B. Kleeman, 10.570 E.T.
Nostalgia Eliminator 1 7.60 index winner (far lane) Bill Webber, 7.553 E.T. Runner-up A. Hull, 7.545 E.T.
Nostalgia Eliminator 2 8.60 index winner (far lane) Tom Mardis, 8.627 E.T. at 157.45 mph. Runner-up Miguel Lomas, 8.551 E.T. at 152.23 mph.
Nostalgia Eliminator 3 9.60 index winner (far lane) Rick Harrison 9.508 E.T. Runner-up Troy Moyle, 9.499 E.T.
Fuel Altered 6.00 index winner (near lane) Dan Hix, 6.115 E.T. Runner-up J. Sullivan, 6.210 E.T.

Hot Rod winner (far lane) James Kirkman, 10.221 E.T. on a 10.23 dial in. Runner-up  Eric Christianson, 10.718 E.T. on a 10.75 dial in.
This very original 289 Ford-powered ’64 Ford Fairlane 500 belongs to Art Tabata of Diamond Bar, CA.
This awesome 426 Ford-powered ’64 Ford Galaxy 500 belongs to Bill and Steph Pratt of Bishop, CA.
Witch Doctor Fuel Altered.
The Winged Express Fuel Altered.
Fuel Altered, Pure Heaven III.

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