Get in the Fun Zone with Balboa Car Show!

For over 80 years the Fun Zone’s Ferris wheel, arcades, fun food, and shops have made it the highlight of every visit to Balboa in Socal.

Early almost every Sunday morning the Fun Zone parking lot is home to the Balboa Car Show. The show hours are 7 am to 9 am and it is free to attend. You can also indulge in free raffles for some prizes and have donuts for breakfast. It is very comfortable and usually has all types of cars attending. The host of the show is legendary Marcel Ford of Old Newport Realty. He is unique, and knows how to hold a raffle.  If you want an event T-shirt, you have to “win” it!

Early this particular morning rain gave way to sprinkles. But by the start of the show the sprinkles had stopped and the streets were drying. Several attendees in convertibles already had their tops down!

This event will give you a sense of being a kid again and of what it used to be like at the “Fun Zone”. And it’s a nice way to connect with local car enthusiasts.



’59 Porsche Convertible D

This very cool ’59 Porsche Convertible D belongs to Randy Palmer of Costa Mesa, CA.

’66 Mustang GT with 289 power

“Special K” is a clean ’66 Mustang GT with 289 power belonging to Casey Goeller of Seal Beach, CA.

’66 Mustang GT with 289 power

'49 Studebaker truck

A ’49 Studebaker truck has been massaged enough to make it a “Hunk”.

’86 Land Rover 110 Defender

Walter Buttkus bought this ’86 Land Rover 110 Defender at the Mecham auction the day before.

’64 Chevelle Malibu “Gasser”

A “Donut Derelict” regular, this healthy small block powered ’64 Chevelle Malibu “Gasser” belongs to Chris Comeau from Newport, CA.

‘69 “Nickey” Nova

A “real” restored ‘69 “Nickey” Nova L78396/450HP. Owned by David Hill from Mission Viejo, CA.

’50 Cadillac

An original ’50 Cadillac with the original 331ci V8 engine. The proud owner is Tim Deshler of Orange, CA.

’65 VW

This ’65 VW with 280,000 miles tows a ’46 Teardrop trailer and owner Robert Boudreau from Riverside, CA. Ready for a vacation.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the March 2017 print issue of the Drive Magazine.