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The Growing Impact of EVs in the Aftermarket Scene at SEMA

TIM CACHELIN February 14, 2024 EV Builders Guide

What a Single Event Can Show Us

In many ways SEMA is the annual pulse check of the aftermarket automotive industry. Exciting new products, mind-blowing builds, and major automotive personalities can all provide insight on the state and trajectory of the industry. 

Over the past few years, the converted-EV presence at the event has grown significantly. This year, in the “Future Tech” zone, more than 15 exhibitors showcased parts, tools and educational offerings that catered to this emerging technology. Additionally, over 60 electric swapped vehicles were on display, ranging from European sports cars such as a Jaguar E-Types and Porsche 911s, to American classics such as Ford F-100s and Chevy Camaros, all of which had been converted to push some serious current instead of burning gasoline.

Not only does the aftermarket EV industry now have major buy-in from event organizers (such as SEMA), tier-one manufacturers, and OEMS, but automotive media is starting to take notice as well. Over the course of the show, automotive legends such as Richard Rawlings, Chip Foose, and Ben “The Stig” Collins, could all be found in the Future Tech zone checking out the next chapter in hot-rodding. Long-time gas-powered enthusiasts are realizing the performance potential and creative opportunities that lie within electric power.

If there is one key takeaway, the electrified presence at SEMA 2023 indicated an increasingly bright future for the aftermarket EV industry. We are excited to continue to cover the emerging technologies, builds, events, and culture that will steer this huge industry disruption, and we look forward to having you along for the ride.


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