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JASON MULLIGAN May 23, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

Auto Meter Ultimate III and DL Tachometers

In 1995, Auto Meter revolutionized drag racing with the introduction of the Ultimate Playback tachometer.

In 2001, Auto Meter introduced Generation 3 Ultimate II tachometers, adding innovative Tach Facts Software and the ability to record and compare engine and driveshaft rpm on either the tach itself or a PC.

Today, Auto Meter will launch the next generation of the Ultimate tachometer line, the Ultimate III and the Ultimate DL, which place the power of more advanced data acquisition systems in an affordable, convenient and compact package.

Ultimate III feature highlights include:

  • 30% weight reduction over Ultimate II tachometers.
  • High accuracy, competition-grade air core meter movement capable of matching the most powerful engines. Achieving 0-10,000 rpm in 333 milliseconds!
  • Four-stage shift light control.
  • Available in black or silver dial faces of 9k and 11k rpm.
  • Advanced LED backlighting for improved visibility, reduced electrical system draw and resistance to vibration and tire shake.
  • New and improved ARMS (Automatic Recording Memory Start) system for worry-free driver operation.
  • Engine and driveshaft rpm recording at 100 samples per second with up to  60 seconds of available memory.
  • Playback data right on the tach itself, or easily download it to award-winning DataPro analysis software.
  • Onboard tri-axis accelerometer to provide advanced data about vehicle acceleration and launch, working intelligently with DataPro software to pinpoint not only when, but where particular events occurred on the track!
  • Backed by contingency in NHRA, IHRA, NMCA and NMRA, a one-year competition warranty and Auto Meter’s legendary customer service and race support team.

More advanced users should consider the Ultimate DL (DataLogger) which adds to your information arsenal by providing connections for and ability to record wideband air/fuel ratio and pressure channel data to the Ultimate III features. Put simply, Ultimate III and Ultimate DL tachometers from Auto Meter provide all of the essential tools needed to dial in your setup minus the complication or expense.

Auto Meter |

Long Tube Headers for GM G Metric Chassis

Doug’s Headers announces the D336 long tube race header. Engineered to fit 265-400 small-block Chevrolet engines in a variety of General Motors cars while offering excellent fit and maximum ground clearance. These headers are built with 3/8-inch thick flanges at the cylinder head and three-bolt outlet flanges. The long tube tuner under-chassis exit is made from 16-gauge tubing for durability with 1 ¾-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors for increased horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. Designed to work with automatic and manual transmission cars equipped with power brakes, power steering and air conditioning.

They come standard with a polished high luster heat- and corrosion-resistant metallic ceramic coating for a rich appearance and long life. These headers come complete with reducers, 1,100°F-rated gaskets and premium installation hardware and instructions; they’re also available uncoated.

Doug’s Headers | 909.599.5955 |

ARP Expands Head Stud Kit Offerings

ARP has recently expanded its head stud lineup to include a number of aftermarket applications. These include kits for the new Dart LS Next block (with 15- or 23-bolt cylinder heads), big-block Chevy with Brodix SR20 heads and RHS small-block Chevy LS with RHS LS7 heads. New stud kits for OEM applications have also been released.

Many of the new kits for aftermarket engines are manufactured using ARP2000 material, a proprietary alloy that’s heat treated in-house to  220,000 psi. The studs are centerless ground and thread rolled after heat-treating, which adds substantially to their fatigue strength. They provide the extra clamping force required to maintain an optimum cylinder head seal in high combustion pressure environments.

ARP | 800.826.3045 |

Cool Pack Fox-Body Mustang Radiator Fan Module

Perma-Cool introduces its latest application to its Cool Pack Radiator fan module to fit the 1979-93 Fox-Body Mustangs. These units offer better cooling, increased horsepower and torque over the factory mechanical fan. The aluminum assembly mounts dual high-output 12-inch electric fans putting out over 6,000 cfm, all finished in a durable black powder coat and controlled by an adjustable temperature probe.

Perma-Cool | 951.352.2665 |

Hot Rods by Boyd HR-99 Pro Touring Wheel

Hot Rods by Boyd is proud to announce its latest design to add to its Pro Touring lineup. The new HR-99 was created for the performance-minded enthusiast with an emphasis on styling that complements a wide range of vehicles. The HR-99 is available for most five-lug applications in 17- through 22-inch diameters in a range of widths from 7 to 15 inches. Just like the rest of the HRBB pro-touring lineup everything is 100% made in America and 100% made to order. The HR-99 will fit most popular aftermarket brake packages. Hot Rods by Boyd specializes in custom finishes and has a variety of colors that will suit any vehicle’s paint scheme.

Hot Rods by Boyd | 866.612.2693 |

Billet HD Amp High Output Alternators

Flaming River’s alternators feature new technologies and increased efficiencies over OEM. Precision-balanced, low mass rotors allow these alternators to operate safely at shaft speeds of 20,000-plus rpm. This high rpm capability, plus excellent output at speeds as low as 400 rpm, gives the user a broader operating rpm range and more flexibility in the size of the crankshaft pulley used. The alternators use twin rectifier plates with twice as many diodes as an OEM alternator, which results in 300% more surface area to dissipate heat. Lower temperatures in the engine compartment keep internal components cooler so they last longer than other alternators on the market.

Flaming River | 800.648.8022 |

McLeod Racing SFI Bell Housing for Chevrolet LSX Builds

McLeod Racing announces its new SFI-approved bell housing for the Chevrolet LSX block. The McLeod 8770 bell housing bolts directly to the LSX block with no modifications and allows for the mating of a six-speed transmission.

The 8770 SFI bell housing features a single right-side starter accommodation allowing for easier fitment than dual-pocketed bell housings. This design allows for clearance of factory-style headers and some long tube headers. “The LSX has become the new Chevrolet small-block,” says Paul Lee, NHRA Funny Car driver and McLeod Racing owner, “we listened to our customers who wanted a direct bolt-in SFI bell housing and we are happy to be able to bring it to our customers.”

McLeod Racing |

Dart LS Next Engine Block

One year after revealing its remarkable cast-iron LS Next engine block, Dart Machinery reduces the block’s mass and announces an aluminum counterpart. Laden with innovations, the list of performance upgrades incorporated in the Next block is long.

Extended cylinder bores allow a 6.125-inch con rod and a 4-inch stroke to operate while the piston remains squarely in its bore. They will also be comforted by the introduction of Dart’s proven priority mains oiling system, which ensures lubrication reaches the crank and rods first.

Standard LS components are compatible with the Next block. Featuring a standard deck and head bolt pattern, the LS cam and stock oil pump and all other components are accommodated. Steel main caps are featured with 7/16-inch bolts properly splayed to take anchor in the safety of the block’s more reinforced areas.

Other key innovations are Dart’s finest nodular-iron cylinder sleeves, and to facilitate a full kick-out oil pan the block is equipped with dual starter mounts, allowing the starter to be mounted on either side. Dart’s aluminum Next engine block is available in deck heights of 9.240-9.500 inches.

Dart Machinery |


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