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“The Stitcher” Ron Mangus Joins Mobile Solutions for a Special Class

Drive Staff October 05, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

“The Stitcher” Ron Mangus Joins Mobile Solutions for a Special Class

The debut of Mobile Solutions’ first three-day Hot Rod Build Studio class took place earlier this year at the Mobile Solutions facility in Tempe, Arizona. Along with Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt, the class featured the world-famous interior fabricator Ron “The Stitcher” Mangus, along with 2012 Installer of the Year Jeremy Carlson and Phoenix-based metal fabrication artist Jim Shaner. Many attendees at this training class were from more traditional “cut and sew” interior and trim shops, giving a variety of training perspectives to present for this world-class training lineup.

The Hot Rod Build Studio class is the only one of its kind for working professionals. The variety of techniques demonstrated is unequaled. New and exciting styles of interior construction were presented, including use of foam buildup techniques, grooved and stitched panel inserts and Mobile Solutions’ innovative 3D routering techniques. Additionally Schmitt and Carlson presented several one-off modern console designs to complement today’s hot rod and muscle car interiors, both in use of shapes and color blending. “Ron Mangus has created interiors for clientele like Hot Rods by Boyd, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor and more,” said co-presenter Bryan Schmitt.

The award-winning Mangus showed many seam and stitching techniques from French seams to double stitch (European style) on the Juki industrial sewing machine, as well as how to build a foam-padded armrest from scratch. In addition to the interior topics presented by Schmitt, Carlson and Mangus, metal artist Jim Shaner presented 3D metal shaping and fabrication techniques without the need for complicated bending or tubing machines. Jim also demonstrated the art of TIG welding on aluminum and other metals.

Schmitt and Carlson wrapped up the three-day class with innovative upholstery and panel design techniques not common in the “cut and sew” interior trade, further enhancing the palette of techniques that class attendees took away.

Jeff Gardner of Right Coast Rod Shop in North Charleston, South Carolina, remarked, “This has completely changed how I will do any kind of pattern making and panel building. These classes definitely elevate you to another level of fabricator.”

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