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The Tesla Swapped C10 Squarebody Gets Ready for SEMA – Electric C10 Ep. 20

Adam Johnson October 29, 2021 C10 Builders Guide

We’re than a week away from seeing this truck driving on the road!

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We’re only a few days out from seeing this twin Tesla swapped C10 squarebody out on the floor of the Toyo Tire Treadpass in SEMA and less than a week away from you guys seeing this truck driving on the road. The EV C10 will be sitting pretty with its carbon fiber widebody kit at the show! We got a lot to do and very little time to do it. So we’re finishing up installing our trim as well as our switch panel on the dash of the EV truck. Sikky Manufacturing sent us over some wild handbrakes, and they were way too cool not to install. So Donny plasma cut a bracket for us, welded it all up and got it bolted down to our cab floor. The guys from City Autoglass came through just in time to install our windshield and back glass so we don’t have bugs, dirt, and debris flying in our faces! To wrap up our outer cab, we added an APR carbon fiber mirror on the driver’s side to compliment our giant carbon fiber wing and add a little asymmetrical 80’s flare to our electric squarebody. Donny absolutely killed electric big window kit fabrication and install, letting us finish up the doors with some custom panels. We also had Steve Molans from Skeptik Innovations in the shop to kick the lighting on our truck up another level. Not only did he build a crazy set of LED tail lights for the truck, he also got to work making a wild infinity box in the trough we cut in the tail gate a few episodes back. This one-off set up brought the back end of this truck to a whole new dimension. Then finally, our Polycup MCU arrived at the shop, so we could mount our touchscreen console in the custom bracket that Donny had fabricated for us. This display will show us a whole bunch of data from our Tesla set up, including readings from the motors, inverters, and battery; along with a little 3D version of the S2SLA truck sitting right on the screen. Now we know what you guys are thinking… where’s the burnout, right? Well we ran into a few hiccups. Working with salvaged parts, sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re getting. The inverter for the front motor isn’t working properly, and the same goes 2 of our 4 Tesla water pumps. While we have a working rear motor, not having the proper cooling to the battery is too risky to really rip this truck like we’d like to at the moment. But don’t worry! The guys at Autobahn Dismantling took care of everything we need to get this truck able to rip AWD standing burnouts like we planned. So as soon as we get the truck back from SEMA, we’ll be working through all of these bugs, get all 4 wheels spinning, and rip some fat, smokey, standing burnouts for you guys, put in some lap times, and show you what this truck is built to do. WE PROMISE! But for now we have to load this truck up on the trailer to make sure we can get out to SEMA next week! Thank you all for the love and support you’ve show us. We never expected to grow this fast, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help.


Make sure to check out what Steve has cooking over at Skeptik Innovations and see how he can add some flair to your lighting set up! Give him a follow! @S.Molans

Like that handbrake we through in the EV Squarebody? Find them at Sikky with a whole bunch of other quality performance parts!

Huge shoutout to Charlie’s Custom Creations for the sick emblems! Thank you Mimessi Auto Design for tinting our taillights on such short notice! Need some more Carbon Fiber in your life? Head over to APR for some super lightweight parts!

Need a display set up for your EV swap? Check out Polykup!


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