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Drive Staff November 09, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

As much as we’d like to think that our readers go through every issue of the year, we know there are at least a handful of you that miss a few, which means you haven’t seen all the cars that we’ve showcased—and we can’t have that. So we went through all of the stories we published, focusing on events rather than the car features (save for the Cuda you see at the top, our SEMA vehicle), and selected some of our favorites. We could probably fill these pages with only the rides at the CFAC Hangar. But we had a lot of vehicles besides that were worthy of special recognition. You’ll see some of our top picks from that show along with a variety of others that deserve the spotlight as well. And what we can’t fit we’ll continue in the January edition. Congrats to all the builders and enthusiasts, as well as a huge thanks to them for making the events and supporting the scene.

This ’74 Chevy C-10 pickup and ’50 Chevy Sport coupe with a sharp Chevy straight six caught our eye at the Hotrod Knights show. hauls! Owners, John Weening and Justin Juenckle, respectively.

Of course we have to tip our hat to a master. Here’s Chip Foose when he presented his restyled ’61 Ford Starliner at the BASF booth during SEMA.
A Bugatti from the Cars & Coffee finale event.
Jordan Quintal’s incredible ’30 Ford five-window coupe from the Mooneye’s X-Mas party.
Larry Olson’s 1933 Ford Roadster, America’s Most Beautiful Roadster from GNR.

AMBR contender, The Grasshopper.
Another contender for AMBR, Greg Meyer’s 1933 Chevrolet Master Roadster (which started as a 3-window coupe).
Nostalgia Funny Car, “Teachers Pet” with Steven Densham behind the wheel won at March Meet.
Brian Rogers may have been a runner up at March Meet but he sure looked like a winner.
A very sharp Dodge-powered ’70 Charger R/T at the Grove at Famoso, owned by Brian Frick of Bakersfield, CA.

Also from the Hillco show, this very custom ’52 Chevy coupe was extensively massaged by its owner Bob Zwierz of Fullerton. The Zwierz Chevy coupe is powered by a 402 Chevy.

This creation at the Hillco event was built by owner Ken Erickson. Believe it or not, he started with a ’61 Ford pickup.
Jack & Kathy LaPresti from Big River (Parker), AZ. brought this stunning ‘35 Chevrolet Coupe for the Cool Cruise.
Marcia Duncan’s blown 392 HEMI-powered, ’40 Willys raised the temperature at the Cool Cruise.

A very detailed ’71 Chevy Chevelle at the Huntington Beachcruiser Meet that belongs to Mike Grambusch.
You gotta’ have a Corvette! A modified ’57, owned by Kay & Linn Sutterfield at Beachcruiser Meet.
The big winner at the Beachcruiser show was Toni Leal’s 430ci Lincoln-powered, very low, very black, ’64 Lincoln Continental convertible.
Brian Burton’s ‘73 Pontiac Trans Am with an LS9 under the hood. At CFAC.

Ron Medina’s “Bad Biscuit”, a ‘59 Biscayne with a 350 crate.

Jack Williams’ ‘51 Mercury.
Under the hood of the ‘51 Ford Woodie Wagon seen in our Cruisin’ for a Cure story, p. 50.
Tempie’s ‘50 Chevy.
A ‘67 Mustang.

Mike Holguin’s ‘55 Chevy.


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