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Trucks, Tacos, and a Beachfront Cruise! Highlights from Cruisin’ the Coast 2023

Matt Lawson April 05, 2024 Buyer’s Guides

Trucks and Tacos: What Could Be Better? 

Photos by Dylan McNeil 

The final stop on the 2023 F-100 takeover tour was at the 27th annual Cruisin’ the Coast on the beautiful Mississippi gulf coast. For those that haven’t been to or heard of Cruisin’, it’s a classic vehicle event open to all vehicles 1989 and older that spans 30 miles of beachfront highway with designated stops along the way during the first full week of October every year. 2023 brought in over 10,000 registered vehicles and countless spectators. 

Throughout the week, there are tons of things to do in every city on the coast with a couple of those being cruises specifically for Ford trucks. The first is the annual Soulless Innovations open house/shop party in Gulfport, Mississippi. Martin, Kayla and myself of Soulless open our doors for anyone who wants to tour the facility, see the projects we have going on, as well as partake in a free meal. If you missed out on the red beans and rice that Kayla cooked, you messed up! This year we had one of our new full air-ride chassis, a couple direct- fit fuel tanks and all of our cab mount and bumper bracket options on display.

Second, was the first annual Trucks and Tacos event. This year I paired up with Jeff Simpson and Chris Set to add a 2-day truck- specific event with one of those days being dedicated to F-Series Ford trucks at the Long Beach, Mississippi town green. We had roughly 100 F-Series trucks of all styles from factory resto, lifted 4×4’s and flat-out trucks sporting fully custom air ride suspensions. This event comes complete with food/product vendors and a live band to round out the evening’s festivities.

To summarize, these are some don’t- miss events, so mark your calendars for October 6-13, 2024. Head over to Facebook to give the Soulless Innovations as well as the Trucks and Tacos pages a like/follow, then make sure to come out to beautiful south Mississippi to have a great time with us.



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