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Jon Hansen

Articles Published
A CLASSIC ’72 Chevrolet C-10 : REBORN

Jon Hansen February 12, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

Tim Fitch’s ’72 C-10 In a world where bright and flashy trucks get body-dropped straight from the show room floor, there’s something refreshing about seeing… Continue reading

Bagged 2018 Tesla Model 3 | Slammed Air Ride Lowered

Jon Hansen June 27, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Peter Tran’s Unique 2018 Tesla Model 3 Commuting can really wear a person out. Day in and day out, putting in miles to and from… Continue reading

THE HEAVENLY '66 dEVille - Three Electric Motors, One Cool Ride

Jon Hansen June 02, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

When Rob Ward of Gilbert, Arizona, decided he needed a new toy, he decided to do something really different. Turning a classic heavy sled of… Continue reading

1955 GMC 3100 Five-Window

Jon Hansen May 09, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

Kyle Osborn’s Five-Window 1955 GMC 3100  By Jon Hansen  For anyone who knows him, Kyle Osborn’s garage is like a revolving door. An endless stream… Continue reading

1964 Ford F-100 | THE ARTFUL DODGER

Jon Hansen March 29, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

  No matter what anyone says, we all want to be cool, whether it’s to the boss or our friends. For Dustin McLeod, his love… Continue reading

1936 Ford Pickup | TIME CAPSULE

Jon Hansen December 02, 2021 All Feature Vehicles

  We’ve all heard of restored vehicles, but what do you call something that’s been rebuilt better than it was originally made? The word is… Continue reading

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