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  • valiantmopar started a blog post Check me out!

    Check me out!

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    My dash board. I decided to go matte finish instead. I hope you like my gauges. I'm not going to put this one in my car, but, I'll use it to promote what I make. I'll add many things to it so that you'll get an interest in having me make you a part.
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  • valiantmopar started a blog post Almost done

    Almost done

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    I just need to add the last carbon fiber face sheet that will give it a nice shine. It also needs to be trimmed so it could look presentable. It is a completely grounded dash board that weighs less than 5 pounds. I really need to get a digital scale to show...
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  • valiantmopar started a blog post Hey guys!!

    Hey guys!!

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    I'll be making custom parts out of Carbon fiber, Honeycomb core, Polyurethane core, balsa core, and other great ways to achieve a lite but strong part, hit me up at 5629002754, Luis, I live in Bell, CA
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