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1952 GMC Suburban Charlotte

Motortopia Motortopia , 19th January, 2023

  • 1952 GMC Suburban Charlotte
  • 1952 GMC Suburban Charlotte
  • 1952 GMC Suburban Charlotte
  • 1952 GMC Suburban Charlotte
  • 1952 GMC Suburban Charlotte

Toby VanSyckle



    • Shop: Gunter’s Automotive in Dalton, Georgia
    • 383 stroker Chevrolet V-8
    • Comp Cams camshaft
    • 1.5 roller rockers
    • 100-amp alternator
    • Cooling Components cooling fans
    • SoCal finned aluminum air cleaner and valve covers
    • Holley 750 carburetor
    • Shorty headers hot jet coated
    • 2.5-inch exhaust with 40 series Flow master mufflers
    • 700R4 automatic transmission
    • Chevrolet 10-bolt posi-trac rearend with 3.42 gears
    • Tanks, Inc. gas tanks relocated to rear of the vehicle


    • Performed by Don Mohre in Michigan
    • Total Cost Involved Mustang II front suspension
    • A-arm lower shock mounting location dropped 1 inch
    • Ridetech Shockwaves front Total Cost Involved 4-link
    • Wilwood Dynalite four-piston rear brake calipers
    • Ridetech Shockwaves rear
    • Wilwood Dynapro six-piston front calipers
    • Corvette master cylinder


    • 20x8.5 Billet Specialties Dagger wheels with 4.5-inch backspacing front and 4-inch backspacing rear
    • 245/40R20 and 255/45R20 Falken F453 tires


    • Performed by Don Mohre and previous owner
    • Chrome front bumper and grille
    • Welded shut gas filler
    • Stock inner fenders raised
    • Floor cut to fit C-notch and steel cover built to go over the rearend housing
    • Halo LED headlights
    • Gibbs lubricant to prevent oxidization


    • Performed by owner
    • Stock seats with scissor lift front passenger seat
    • Vinyl seat coverings and floor
    • 15.5-inch Billet Specialties Stiletto Profile Series billet steering wheel
    • Original gauges converted to 12-volt
    • Auto Meter voltage gauge
    • Eight ball shifter
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Don Mohre for fabrication work including the frame C-notch, 4-link rear suspension installation and front A-arm modifications; Greg Halliwill for transporting the truck from Georgia to Michigan, helping to install the air ride management system and assisting with many of the details requiring an extra set of hands; my parents, Bob and Kris VanSyckle, long-time hot rodders who always had great advice when I bumped up against obstacles (with both hotrods and life), and of course, my wife Tina, who readily admits she does not understand my hot rod obsession but fully supports it anyway. Thanks, Momma!

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