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1958 Chevy Apache Pickup Phoenix, AZ

Motortopia Motortopia , 20th June, 2022

  • 1958 Chevy Apache Pickup Phoenix, AZ
  • 1958 Chevy Apache Pickup Phoenix, AZ
  • 1958 Chevy Apache Pickup Phoenix, AZ
  • 1958 Chevy Apache Pickup Phoenix, AZ
  • 1958 Chevy Apache Pickup Phoenix, AZ

Jim Scheiffele



    • Shop: StreetLife Performance
    • 2014 Chevy LS1
    • 680 hp on 6 pounds of boost
    • Turbo 400 transmission
    • B&M shifter
    • Hughes 4,000-rpm stall converter
    • Tad custom driveshaft
    • Twin turbo setup
    • Hand-made turbo manifolds
    • Aluminum radiator
    • Custom motor mounts
    • K&N air cleaner
    • Chevrolet alternator, throttle body, pulleys, valve covers and drive accessory
    • Custom 4-inch exhaust downpipes
    • SPAL electric fans
    • Custom-braided hoses
    • StreetLife standalone wiring harness
    • Ford 9-inch rearend narrowed
    • 4:11 gear ratio
    • Currie axles


    • Shop: Epic Garage
    • Mustang II tubular control arms and spindles with air ride
    • Boxed frame with 4-inch speed holes
    • Rear parallel 4-link and C-notch
    • Adjustable gas shocks all around
    • Wilwood master cylinders and booster
    • CPP front and rear brakes
    • Aluminum frame-rail-mounted fuel cell


    • 22-inch Colorado Customs wheels with matte graphite Cerakote finish
    • 22-inch Pirelli tires


    • Shop: Epic Garage
    • Original green patina finish
    • Epic Garage door logos
    • Pinstriping by Hubcaps Hotrod and Custom (@hubcapsphx)
    • Stock front bumper, grille, fenders, windows, running boards and head and taillights
    • Factory rear bumper narrowed with dimple dies
    • Custom bed and aluminum floor by Hubcaps Hotrod and Custom
    • Factory door handles with bear-claw latches
    • Custom gas filler by Hubcaps Hotrod and Custom


    • Shop: Hubcaps Hotrod Design
    • Aluminum seats, dashboard, steering wheel and console
    • Custom bead-rolled aluminum door panels, headliner and visors
    • Auto Meter gauges
    • Four-point Crow seatbelts
    • Factory handles
    • Maui coffee bean burlap sack floor
    • MTX speakers, amplifier and subwoofers
    • Dynamat sound deadener
    • Optima Red Top battery
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Thanks to Nick Sinioris at HubCaps Hotrod Design for his incredible metal-shaping and fabrication genius on the interior and bed, and the pinstriping as well. Thank you to Rudy at StreetLife Performance for giving the truck a heartbeat with a twin turbo LS beast and all the drivetrain work. Thanks also to Kelley at Insane Innovations for the pipe work and plumbing to help this girl breathe.”

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