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Amazing 4K Video from Orange Beach Invasion 2021!
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March 23, 2021 Events 0

Amazing 4K Video from Orange Beach Invasion 2021!

Orange Beach Invasion 2021 : Lifted, lowered, under construction or fully finished, all vehicles were welcome to the show. This is what makes Orange Beach Invasion such a great event. As the sun began to set on Saturday, everyone knew what was coming next: the light show! The palm trees lit up, the music started, and vehicles up and down the strip started flipping on their LED underglow lights to highlight their ride in the night. The Ferris wheel was buzzing with business as everyone rushed to get in line to see the show from the sky. After a fun-filled evening, Sunday was another beautiful day at The Wharf. Although it was the last day of the event, everyone poured back into the show grounds for another busy day. In the afternoon, awards were presented to some of the top builds in attendance. More info on this great event -

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