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BANNED Squatted Trucks and THIS happened!
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April 16, 2023 Events 0

BANNED Squatted Trucks and THIS happened!

Once again, Orange Beach Invasion pre-registrations reached their max for the 2023 event. With this being a pre-reg only show, the show was at full capacity even before it officially began! Held in Orange Beach, Alabama, the showgrounds were as beautiful as the rides themselves. OBI has gained quite a reputation for its show vehicle approval process, which includes a “no squatted trucks” rule since the owners of said trucks have been blamed for less-than-ideal behavior at past events. Anyone who wanted to show their vehicle at OBI had to send in a photo of their vehicle for approval from the show staff—no exceptions. Say what you will about these rules, but no one can deny that the quality of vehicles at this year’s show was top notch! The event’s title sponsor was none other than American Force Wheels, so it made sense that plenty of huge trucks on huge wheels were in attendance, but of course, tons of slammed rides were there as well. Everything from vintage iron to practically new trucks could be seen throughout the show, offering spectators lots to look at no matter what their preference was—barn-fresh patina or polished-out graphics. More than 900 vehicles filled the grounds of The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama, with several thousand spectators hitting the venue, it made for an amazing show. Planning a show can be difficult, but Robbie Bryant and the rest of their crew did an outstanding job. Orange Beach Invasion is a family friendly event that encompasses a huge car show, food, vendors and a synchronized light show on Saturday night. Tons of vendors came out to support the show as well. From wheels and tattoos to stickers, apparel and even a Ferris wheel, you could find it. After checking out all of the vehicles and vendors, we took a ride on the Ferris wheel right there on the show grounds, and as we approached the top, we could see the stunning number in attendance. Who wouldn’t want a high-rise view next to the beach? Lifted, lowered, under construction or fully finished, all vehicles were welcome to the show. This is what makes Orange Beach Invasion such a great event. As the sun began to set on Saturday, everyone knew what was coming next: the light show! The palm trees lit up, the music started, and vehicles up and down the strip started flipping on their LED underglow lights to highlight their ride in the night. The Ferris wheel was buzzing with business as everyone rushed to get in line to see the show from the sky. After a fun-filled evening, Sunday was another beautiful day at The Wharf. Although it was the last day of the event, everyone poured back into the show grounds for another busy day. In the afternoon, awards were presented to some of the top builds in attendance. Plans have already begun to make 2024’s event even bigger and better! Dates have not been released as of yet but be on the lookout! Orange Beach Invasion is definitely a show you don’t want to miss! For more information, visit http:/ or visit them on Facebook.

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