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Street Trucks Showoff Series Stage 1 | Sacramento Speedway April 24th 2021
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June 27, 2022 Showoff Series 0

Street Trucks Showoff Series Stage 1 | Sacramento Speedway April 24th 2021

Are you a showoff? Prove It! Street Trucks is teaming up with Diesel World to host the first-ever Street Trucks vs Diesel World rivalry at the Sacramento Raceway Park in Sacramento, CA. This event has it all including a Show and Shine for CASH prizes, side by side 1/4-mile drag racing, and an awards ceremony! Sacramento is Stage 1 of our 3-stage show and shine series of events traveling across the country this year. Win them all and you win big! Street Trucks Showoff Series Schedule Stage 1 - Diesel World vs Street Trucks w/Drag Racing! Stage 2 - Texas July 10th Stage 3 - Florida Sept 25th Can't be there in person, we have you covered! We are bringing truck enthusiasts exactly what they crave, directly to their computers, TV’s and mobile devices. Now gearheads can live the custom truck lifestyle from the comfort and safety of their homes. Live one-on-one interviews, coverage of the racing, walk-arounds through the show and shine area, coverage of the burnout contest and so much more! Stage One: Event date: April 24th 2021 Venue: Sacramento Raceway Park Address: 5305 Excelsior Rd, Sacramento, CA 95827 Live Stream: Street Trucks will be live streaming the entire event including owner interviews all day, walk around of the entire event, industry-related commercials, drag racing, burn-out contest and live coverage of the awards ceremonies.

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