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This Town has NO ROAD RULES for one weekend!
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April 29, 2023 Street Trucks Magazine 0

This Town has NO ROAD RULES for one weekend!

We recently visited Maggie Valley NC for the 29th annual Mini Truckin Nationals. Once inside the gates, you were surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees. If you looked up on one of the hills hard enough, you could even spot the mountain goats that have become a big part of the show’s annual artwork and theme. Vendors and shop booths from all over the country lined the perimeter of the grounds to support such an iconic event. Once the sun started to set, the fun moved outside the show site and onto the town’s street. This is where the old school feel really set in. The main strip in front of the show was lined with people sitting in chairs and on tailgates just like the old Pigeon Forge days. The local police department led the start of the cruising and let everyone cruise, drag, ride in the bed of trucks and just have some good old cruising fun until late in the evening. This year with the perfect weather, you couldn’t have asked for a better weekend of cool custom vehicles, friends and laughs.

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